20 Christmas Make-up Concepts For Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, And Brows


The holiday season is the perfect time to get your favorite dresses, including your makeup choices, lined up. Whether you are into glitter madness or a white eyeliner, all your makeup ideas for Christmas can be found here. From the eyes to the lips to the cheeks and the eyebrow make-up, we have something for everyone to start the holidays in the right spirit.

Best makeup ideas for Christmas in 2020

Without further ado, scroll down and check out our selection of the best makeup ideas for Christmas:

Inventing ideas for lips

1. Double red glitter lips

Double red glitter lips add an instant touch to your Christmas party. This is also perfect if you’re more of an outgoing Christmas girl. When creating this artfully bright eyeliner, be sure to keep the eyes clear.

Double red glitter lipsSource: instyle.com

2. Berry Lips

Pickled berry lips are not only just the right amount of sexy, they also keep the tone of the Christmas party alive. To create the look, smudge the insides with your finger for a smeared makeup finish.

Berry lipsSource: refinery29.com

3. Brown lipstick

Bushy brows, bare eyes and a good dose of brown lipstick are hardly the homage to the season. You can’t go wrong with the dark lip. Stick to the mat for an even finish.

Brown lipstickSource: IMaxTree

4. Foil effect rose gold lips

Sparkly lips hit a home run, but it’s time for us to turn to the foil effect lips. This season it’s all about creating rose gold wrinkles with liquid metallic lipsticks.

Rose gold lips with foil effectSource: IMaxTree

5. Mandarin lips

Like the pretty topping of a cocktail, the refreshing mandarin lips are best when they look juicy. You can create a glossy, satin, or glossy finish in the same shade for the most delicious finish this Christmas. Literally!

Tangerine matte lipsSource: kyliecosmetics.com

Makeup ideas for eyes:

6. Sparkling eyes

The holiday season is finally here and it is absolutely trusting to adorn our eyes with glitter. There’s no point in arguing about it. it comes with the season. Thankfully, there are nifty ways to apply shimmer to your eyes that look adult and stunning. Below we’ve shown several examples of how to create glitter eyes.

First look is a subtle glimpse of the season’s smeared glitter finish on the edges of the eyes.

The second look is a splash of gold glitter on the eyelids that instantly spices up the eyes without making them look tiny.

The third look uses a festive strip of glitter instead of black eyeliner.

The final look uses glitter spots to create a cat-eye finish.

Glittering eyes

7. Purple palette

When you’re tired of using a palette of gold, red, white, and green for the festive season, swap those out with a dash of purple.

Purple paletteSource: chatelaine.com

8. Green or white eyeliner

Christmas makeup idea not to be overdone. Try a minimal line of white liner on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Or, use a dash of green eyeliner for the ultimate vacation look.

Green eyelinerSource: glamour.com

9. Gold leaf

The golden eye makeup is a classic choice for Christmas. You can give it your ethereal touch by using strokes of gold leaf like the following.

Gold eye makeupSource: IMaxTree

10. Rose gold eyeshadow

Rose gold has infiltrated the makeup scene with highlighters and eye shadow alike. You can opt for one this season by mixing a warm shade of gold into the crease. Finish with eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.

Rose gold eyeshadowSource: IMaxTree

11. Candy-cane eyeliner

Or, if you prefer bold, statement eye makeup, then try this candy cane eyeliner design. Try the same thing by doing a thick cat’s eye with red and white liner eyeliner instead of black. You can also improve your beauty game by creating smoky eyes with a red eyeliner.

Candy canes eyelinerSource: instagram.com/bronya_h/

Make up ideas for cheeks

12. Iridescent highlighter

We all know the growing popularity of highlighters, don’t we? We mean the beauty scene is obsessed with shiny cheekbones. However, a subtle look goes a long way at Christmas. You can create your nude highlighter with a glitter-based product and a blending brush. Sweep it up lightly.

Iridescent highlighterSource: careergirldaily.com

13. Peach Creamy Blush

This look is comparatively easy to create. Brush your cheekbones with a peach colored cream. Use over eyelids and lips for a monochrome finish.

Peach creamy blushSource: harpersbazaar.com

14. Contoured cheekbones

Another Christmas makeup look is contouring the cheekbones. To get the look, blend a neutral shade on the lids and lower lashes and flow under the cheekbones with a contour powder.

Contoured cheekbonesSource: marieclaire.com

15. Neutral cheeks

For a minimal yet stunning makeup look, stick to a neutral palette for the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Neutral cheekSource: allure.com

16. Pink blush

For a glamorous look, highlight the cheekbones by swiping on a pink blush. Complete the look with pink lips and cat eyes.

Pink blushSource: forbes.com

Makeup Ideas For Eyebrows:

Disclaimer of liability Before you scroll down, please note that eyebrow makeup is not intended for the faint of heart. However, they are made with all the fun for the holiday season.

17. Gimmicks

Ball brows should be your ultimate Christmas makeup inspiration (if that’s what you’re looking for). It features glittering brows in red and white jewelry balls. This is a Pinterest inspired look that makeup artist Bronya shared on her Instagram page.

Christmas makeup for eyebrowsSource: instagram.com/bronya_h/

18. Christmas tree brewing

Measured by the number of Christmas-inspired brows; We think this year’s makeup looks are over the top. It’s gorgeous as it embodies the holiday season perfectly. Plus, you can go extra or minimal. Below is a nice shot of Christmas tree brows.

Christmas tree brewingSource: instagram.com/taytay_xx/

19. Faux Santa Hat

Check out this classic Santa hat pictured below. Don’t you think this Christmas is wearable?

Eyebrow makeup for ChristmasSource: facebook.com/EnviousINKcosmetics

20. Mistletoe brows

Last but not least, decorate your brows with beautifully painted mistletoe. Create the same look by caressing scruffy bushy brows.

Christmas eyebrows makeupSource: facebook.com/thebrowlounge

That’s all we have in the beauty looks for Christmas. We hope you enjoy scrolling. And look forward to more Christmas news, exciting features, beauty and fashion reviews.




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