Jim Carrey Is Passing The Function Of Joe Biden On “Saturday Evening Reside” To Somebody Else


SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – “John Mulaney” Episode 1790 – Pictured: Jim Carrey as Joe Biden during the “Biden Halloween” Cold Open on Saturday, October 31, 2020 – (Photo by: Kyle Dubiel / NBC)

One of Saturday Night Live’s long-standing trademarks is political satire, including a main portrayal of the current President of the United States. In the run-up to the election, Jim Carrey was tricked into choosing to play Joe Biden over Alec Baldwin’s now iconic portrayal of Donald Trump. After Biden won the election, the question arose whether Carrey would stay as Biden. Now we know the answer. He chose not to stay so someone else could play the incoming POTUS during the actual administration run. Read on to find out more about this SNL news …

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Carrey chooses to pass on the baton from Joe Biden. Of course, he’s the third person to guest as Biden over the years, after a number of appearances by Jason Sudeikis and, more recently, Woody Harrelson. The latter option isn’t a terrible idea to replace Carrey, but the former would be perfect. If Sudeikis is available, SNL should pick it up.

Here is part of the THR story:

Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on Saturday night.

The actor will be transferring the role of President-Elect to someone else for the remainder of the SNL season. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Carrey was supposed to always play Biden for the first six episodes of the season before and immediately after the election – although that wasn’t directly said when Carrey first got on board.

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In a tweet announcing the news, Carrey wrote, “Although my tenure was only supposed to be 6 weeks, I was thrilled to be elected as your SNL President … comedy’s ultimate duty. I would love to go ahead and know that Biden was the winner for nailing this shit. But I’m only one in a long line of proud fighting SNL Bidens! “

SNL responded in a tweet: “Thank you Jim Carrey for showing up when it comes down to it.”

Carrey’s brief tenure as Biden contrasts with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump imitation, which he played during the current president’s tenure.

Carrey became the third person to play Biden on SNL in 2020 after guest appearances by Woody Harrelson and former cast member Jason Sudeikis (who often played former vice president during the Obama years) in the busy season.

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(Source: THR)




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