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Meghan McCain took to Instagram to share three eye-catching pictures of her adorable baby bump the week before her daughter Liberty was born.

Meghan McCainThe 36-year-old gave fans a glimpse of her baby bump before the arrival of her precious bundle of joy on December 20th. The blonde beauty shared a number of Instagram photos taken during her pregnancy with her now two-month-old daughter freedomshe shares with husband Ben Domenech, 38, and revealed that she gave birth only “a week” after posing for the snaps. “11 days left in 2020 … the year wasn’t all that bad. (Pictures from almost 9 months and a week before Liberty) ♥ ️🗽 “she wrote in the caption.

In two of the pictures, the mother-to-be looked gorgeous while wearing a long black dress tied down over an open button-down denim shirt. In the other picture, she looked just as amazing in a long gray sleeveless dress and black slippers. She had her hair tied back in all three and exuded a casual cool vibe.

After sharing the epic post, Meghan’s fans quickly went to the comment section to share their delight at the pictures. “You look great, Meghan !!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations! ❤️❤️❤️ “, wrote a fan.” Great! I respected you because you want to stay away from criticism, but you are beautiful, “enthused another.

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Meghan McCain poses for a picture at an earlier event. (AP pictures)

The baby bump pics come as a bit of a surprise as Meghan was very private when it came to sharing snaps while she was going through her pregnancy. Since arriving on September 28, she has also been privately about her newcomer and has only shared pictures that don’t show the face of the dead. The first was one of hers, who cradled the newborn adorable while smiling at the camera. “Bliss,” she captioned the October post.

If she’s making headlines now because of her little girl, Meghan is doing it with her job at The View. Although she took time out from the show as she prepared for the birth, she recently announced that she will be returning on January 4th. “You really know how to make a girl feel missed!” She tweeted last week in response to a fan. “January 4th is my return date. 🙂 Merry Christmas!”




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