Spider-Man Traded Jordans for Adidas. Sneakerheads Have been Not Impressed


“I just assumed it was a given that he wore the Chicago’s in-game,” said David MacMullen, a sneakerhead and reseller who runs second-hand retail store We Got Grails. “It was just a disappointment. Everyone likes this shoe and hoped they would wear it. “David points out that when Nike released its special edition Spider-Verse Jordan in honor of the film, it was a huge success and is still selling for over $ 1,100 in the resale market today. But when Adidas pulled the red and black superstar out of the video game last month, David said: “Nobody cared about it.” It wasn’t sold out; You can still buy them from the Adidas website right now. “I don’t think anyone saw this shoe in the game and thought, Yo, I can’t wait to get this,” he says.

Movie Miles and his Jordans.

Everett Collection / Courtesy Columbia Pictures

However, it was far more important for the developers to create a version of Miles Morales that felt unique than just delighting fans of the film. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Vers are both adaptations of the same comic book source material, but they don’t necessarily have to overlap. “We wanted to tell our own story, and it was really important that we stood alone and not just in the spider verse: the video game,” said Gavin Goulden, art director at Insomniac Games. “I’ve seen the movie a million times, but we didn’t take direct inspiration from it. And when we did the outfits, we wanted to distinguish him. He is our character. “

Tim Tsang, creative director at Marvel Games, said Marvel encouraged Insomniac to “go their own way” and approach the character in a new way. “We love Into the Spider-Verse. It’s a fantastic movie, ”he says. “But our north star is to look at the source material, in this case the comics. We believe that is where you will find the magic if you do that and put your own spin on it. “Tsang explains that the” new and fresh “look for Miles was still ultimately about looking hip. “You look at this character and you think, Dang, this guy’s got style,” he says.

The real red and black superstar was the brainchild of Frankie Perez, a concept artist for Marvel Games, and Eric Monacelli, production manager for Miles Morales and project manager for Marvel Games. They believed that Miles should have “clear hobbies and interests” as a character and that his fashion choices should come from what he loves, such as music.

It’s worth noting that for Monacelli, having Miles wearing Adidas Superstars doesn’t necessarily mean he spurned his Jordan 1s. “The superstar is a classic, iconic silhouette that has been made permanent and timeless in NYC fashion via hip-hop and rap communities. The Air Jordan 1 is a classic, iconic silhouette that was made hugely popular by a sports megastar, ”he says. “Like any sneakerhead, Miles would keep up with multiple brands and have multiple silhouettes for the different fits in their closet they might want to wear.” This seems like the most plausible explanation for why a character known for donning a legendary sneaker might be wearing a different brand: it’s all part of the rotation. Right now he’s wearing superstars. Tomorrow he could be back in Jordan.




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