14 Methods To Burn 100 Energy in Much less Than One Hour


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Calorie deficit is key to achieving your weight loss goal and one should aim to burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis in order to stay in the calorie deficit. But there’s no need to play it out at the gym to burn off a few extra calories. You can always find little ways to burn 100 calories and more at the same time throughout the day, and you can burn them off in just a few minutes. In this post, we’ve listed 14 ways to burn 100 calories in under an hour. Read about it here:

1. 15 Minutes of Climbing Stairs: If you climb up and down stairs at a moderate pace for 15 minutes, you can burn more than 100 calories.
2. Clean kitchen cabinets for 30 minutes: The people who were self-employed around the house during the lockdown would vouch for the fact that cleaning the kitchen and doing housework burns a significant amount of calories.
3. Jump rope for 10 minutes: You don’t have to invest in fancy and expensive fitness equipment when you can just use a simple jump rope to burn a few hundred calories. In fact, you can burn 100 calories and more by jumping rope for just 10 minutes.
4. Grocery shopping for 30 minutes with basket in hand: Opting for a basket instead of a cart and shopping with items in it for 30 minutes can burn a little over 100 calories.
5. Talk on your cell phone while walking: Experts say that walking for 10 minutes while talking on the phone can burn 36 calories. Now think about how many calories there can be with each call.
6. 30 Minutes of Moderate Walking: The first thing to do when trying to lose weight is to grab a pair of walking shoes and allow at least 30 minutes in the morning or evening to walk briskly. Not only does regular walking help you get physically healthy, it’s a great activity for clearing thoughts and promoting mental health. For people who are aware that they are going to the gym, walking is a great alternative, as moderate walking of 30 minutes can burn up to 100 calories. Read over 10 hiking tips to burn more calories while talking.
7. Zumba for 9 minutes: Dance away, closer to 300 calories and more for Zumba if you do Zumba for an hour.
8. Ten Minutes of Jogging: Since jogging involves a large number of muscles, it is an efficient full body exercise, and even 10 minutes will burn many calories.
9. Mow the lawn for 15 minutes: It is that simple, mow the lawn for 15 minutes.
10. 13 Minute Biking: As many of us have been biking since the gyms closed, bicycling has become a popular calorie burning exercise because many calories are just stepping on the pedal with just one foot.
11. Do 30 Minutes of Yoga: How can we not mention yoga because it is a form of exercise that has the least risk of injury and it is a complete workout for the body and mind. Different stretches in yoga activate muscle groups and help burn a few hundred calories.
12. Organize your desk for 30 minutes: Are you remembering to organize your desk? Do it now because 30 minutes of tidying up and organizing your desk can burn calories.
13. Floppy Legs: Moving your legs can burn an additional 100 to 150 calories an hour. Don’t just sit idly, fidget your legs all day long, as research has shown that people who fidget their legs burn a significant amount of calories. So why not try your hand, um, let’s cut my legs and wriggle them off.
14. Perform NEAT activities: Abbreviated as NEAT (Non-Activity Activity Thermogenesis), this is the energy we use for everything we do in our daily life, except when we are sleeping or exercising. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, crouch on the floor to lift something, walk while you are on the phone. Any activity we do while on our feet falls under NEAT. All of these activities help burn a certain amount of calories, and those calories consumed here and there add up to a considerable amount when you are trying to lose weight.

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