Depart It to John Mayer to Design the Hottest Watch Collab of the Yr


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The clock: The G-SHOCK Ref 6900, designed in collaboration with the watch side Hodinkee and the watch god, the watch Haruspex, the watch setter, the watch rocker himself: John Mayer.

The best thing about this watch: This G-Shock was made in collaboration with John Mayer, the most influential watch buyer of the 21st century. Collectors and dealers are already lining up to buy watches that only have the JM co-sign, and now he’s gone out and designed a piece himself. Guaranteed sold out? Certainly. Almost certain to appreciate in value in the coming days, weeks, and months? No doubt. The perfect Christmas present for the watch nerd in your life? You’re damn right.

The background story: Mayer’s design is based on a desire to combine two different Casio products that owned G-Shock and make the Casiotone SK-5 keyboard the musician the musician played as a child. The Mayer designer 6900 borrows the neon blue-green and orange in the eighties from the “rhythm pads” of the SK-5, while the gray housing matches the body of the keyboard. “When Casio approached me about the possibility of working together on a G-SHOCK, the time limit was very good,” said Mayer in a press release. “I was pretty deeply absorbed in wearing the ‘Mudmaster’ models, and something felt cosmically right when a G-SHOCK was the first collaboration with watches I’d ever done. Casio keyboards came to mind as well as watches. Then I remembered how important the Casiotone SK-5 was in my life and it got exciting very quickly. It’s the perfect bridge between my double life as a musician and watch lover. ”

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Over the years Mayer wore worn G-Shock Mudmasters, as well as a crazier cast of Casio watches like the Twingraph and an all-white NASA-inspired model. This G-Shock is more of a crowd puller. Think of this as a “Your Body Is a Wonderland” hit before a deeper cut like the jazzy “83” from Room for Squares.

This piece is important in the world of watches because: Mayer made his own watch. Lots of celebrities these days have their own shoes, t-shirt lines, or even McDonald’s collaborations. Even Mayer has ridiculed himself in the past and sold his own Nike shoes. The watch world isn’t that saturated with such interesting combinations – the last major celebrity brand hookup was in late 2019, which involved Pharrell, Richard Mille and a space-inspired watch worth $ 969,000. Mayer’s G-Shock has a very affordable price point of just $ 180. The musician could probably have turned to whatever brand he wanted to partner with and released an unattainable six-digit watch – it’s nice that so many of his fans can choose this one.

I don’t just want to sound like a fan boy, so what should I know about this watch beyond John Mayer? Of all the G-Shocks in the brand’s broad catalog, Mayer chose what is probably the brand’s most iconic model. The 6900 was first launched in 1995 and is largely responsible for making the G-Shock what it is today. The clock also acts as an alarm and can count down up to 24 hours. This is useful when braising a painfully slow-boiling roast.

Where and when to buy it: The watch will be available for purchase in the Hodinkee and G-Shock web stores on Tuesday, December 8th at 11 a.m. EST. Good ride.




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