Megan Thee Stallion And Asian Doll Change Phrases On Twitter


When it looked like the internet beef couldn’t go any further between Asian Doll and JT, Megan Thee Stallion decided to share a few words on Twitter. Megan tweeted, “If I’ve come across this app to defend myself every time someone makes up something for me or claps back on random MFS, I don’t know. I’ll be unhappy all day, every day. I hate that all of this is getting so disproportionate. It was never as deep as the comments suggested. “

A lot of people didn’t understand why Megan decided to bring this up now, but it seems like the situation started when Asian shared an unpublished verse that was supposed to be on Megan’s song “Do It On The Tip”. However, Asian was replaced by Asian the city girl. When Asian got wind of Megan’s tweets, Asian tweeted, “We were real friends. F ** k rap. You should have said and clarified something yesterday. But no, you let that in your ear and you don’t even know it is him. “

A fan tweeted Megan saying, “All you had to do was dead when you started. You should have said, “No, we’re still cool.” Megan replied to the fan and said, “We gave each other the number in real life. I don’t have to say anything to anyone in an app. Another fan tweeted, “You speak, but you didn’t defend Sister when she was defending you.” Megan replied to the fan, “When Asian got into her accident, I got on a plane straight away to visit her. If she goes through I’m on her line … I don’t like putting my personal life on the internet because it is personal to me. I’ve never seen people attack you … “

Megan went back and responded directly to Asian’s tweet saying, “Asian, you know me better than that. You know I don’t even like this internet. You’re blowing disproportionately because you’re a hot head. You played the song live, that was that … What do I need to clear up? This is stupid. “

Just as things were slowing down, Asia’s sister entered the chat. She tweeted, “Well bitch, you tried to play the victim when you knew WTF had you and my sister. Stop the cap. Trying to fake it like a peacemaker when she had your back. Right or wrong with the tory you made !! ”

Megan has not yet responded to this tweet at this point.

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