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Quarantine got the best of Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley when they revealed their time together on the December 20 episode “RHOA” “resulted in divorce in five months.”

On her return from her second arrest in Kentucky during the December 20th episode The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha Williams revealed that she and fiancee Dennis McKinley broke up It was actually during an entertaining reunion with Asked Sam and sister Lauren Williams that Porsha revealed the heartbreaking news, but she didn’t seem annoyed by it.

On the way to a new pool party at a new friend’s house, Tanya expressed how much she appreciated Porsha, who invited her to join them because she hadn’t spent time with friends since the quarantine began. And then Porsha asked Tanya how she and her fiance Paul Judge survive at home together.

Porsha Williams tells her sister Lauren and Tanya Sam that she and Dennis McKinley have split up. (BRAVO)

“I have a feeling that it has its ups and downs. There were times when I said, “Man, this is such a blessing. I love you.’ And [then] There were times when I was just like that [insert cat hissing noise here]. I just said, “Go somewhere!” And there is no destination, ”Tanya said to the girls.

Porsha then stepped in and shared her own experiences from the quarantine. “It started differently, I’m not going to lie. The quarantine started like a honeymoon [we were] Fuck everywhere and cook everything and, “Oh my god, he’s right here.” Then they divorced within five months. I’m divorced. It’s like it’s speeding me up. “

Then she went on to explain in her private confessional, “Dennis and I – we had that main point and it kind of sent me over the edge. I don’t really like who I am in the relationship right now. This breakup is just something I have to do for myself. “

“I’m so broken, I’m so weak – I can’t even handle it,” Porsha continued to tell the ladies after revealing how she’s trying to deal with her current situation.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Bailey had some relationship problems of his own. During a wedding tour with a fiance Mike HillThey argued about whether or not the size of the wedding mattered. Mike was determined to marry Cynthia on her scheduled wedding date – 10/10/20 – but Cynthia was more concerned about the size of the event. She wanted a lot of people there, no matter what – even if that meant postponing the wedding and giving up her famous wedding date.

Mike couldn’t take care of it, though, because he himself only wanted to get married to Cynthia that day … whoever attended the wedding or not. Because marriage is more important to him than the wedding itself. Unfortunately, Cynthia wasn’t exactly like that. She claimed the most important thing was to marry Mike, but she also said she wanted the wedding to be huge and she shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

In other RHOA news Kenya moors advised Cynthia to make a marriage agreement sooner rather than later. While Drew Sidora and husband Ralph agreed to go to marriage counseling.

Do you want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.




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