S’pore Web site Promoting Influencers’ Pre-Owned Pillows A Social Experiment?


Last weekend, a website called The Sleeping Beauties made its rounds on social media for allegedly selling the beloved pillows of Singaporean influencers.

For a price of 20 to 100 S $, customers could buy their favorite influencer’s popular pillow.

It was not disclosed how the prices were set.

Image Credit: Sleeping Beauties

The page was even complete with reviews claiming the pillows “smelled so good”.

However, Sleeping Beauties has since closed when various influencers stepped out to explain why their “used” pillows were put up for sale.

A social experiment or a charity work?

Various explanations were offered as to why pillows were being offered for sale on the site by 24 different influencers.

Avander Ho, the most expensive model for S $ 200, said in her Instagram story last night (December 21) that it was a “social experiment”.

Photo credit: @ avander.ho on Instagram

“This media company contacted me about a social experiment when people would buy a pillow they loved. In the 10-day experiment that started the website, I got a lot of backlash from the public and even unwanted attention from other media companies, ”Avander said.

Another influencer, Jasmine Ng, reported in her Instagram story that the 24 influencers “were contacted by a media company to join them in a social experimentation project”.

Photo credit: @ jsmine.ng on Instagram

She also said the affected media company “isn’t coming out anytime soon” to clear the air on the project, so she had to explain it herself.

Neither party has identified the media company concerned.

However, other influencers had different stories to tell. Kimberley Yong, who had her pillow on sale for S $ 100, said the whole thing was going to charity.

Photo credit: @kimbae_xoxo on Instagram

On her Instagram story, Kimberly made it clear that the pillows were brand new, unlike what was previously stated in The Sleeping Beauties.

She also said that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the pillow will be used for charity.

Since influencers have different stories, it’s likely that followers will have to wait for more light to shed on the topic.

In addition, the Sleeping Beauties website has since closed and there are no pillows for sale.

Selected image source: @ avander.ho on Instagram / @Vvviva and @Kimbae_xoxo via The Sleeping Beauties




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