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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have proven once again their family knows how to crush lockdown dinners. After a costumed ‘Game of Thrones’ meal, the singers and their daughters put on ‘Harry Potter’ outfits.

If Tim McGraw and Faith Hill If they wanted to add new members to their family in addition to their three daughters, almost all of their fans would take the chance to become part of their household. Especially since they had another fantastic evening in costumes, this time as characters from the books and films of Harry Potter. It comes a day after the “Live Like You Were Dying” singer showed him, Faith, and their daughters Gracie, 23, Maggie, 22 and AudreyThe 19-year-old hosted a Game of Thrones costume dinner before the vacation.

A day after sharing the epic GOT dinner photos, Tim took to Instagram on December 22nd to show fans how they all got into the spirit of Harry Potter. As if the photo wasn’t funny enough, the 53-year-old asked fans which of his family members was disguised as which character of the author JK Rowlingbeloved universe. There were two other people in the photo, in addition to the five members of the family. “Harry Potter night. Who’s who? ”Tim asked in the caption.

Although the snapshot was a bit dark, Audrey appears to have donned Harry Potter’s iconic round glasses, a short dark wig, a makeshift Hogwarts uniform and his wand. Behind her was someone disguised as Luna Lovegood, though she also looked like Audrey.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw pose with their daughters Gracie, Maggie and Audrey on the Time 100 2017 red carpet. Photo credit: MEGA.

Tim was seen in the back, clad in a gray wig as Lucius Malfoy, while Faith, 53, appeared to be leaving as Professor Trelawney. Before them, someone was dressed as Dobby the Elf, though it was hard to see who it might be under very well-done makeup. Gracie was up front in a red wig and sweater as Ron Weasley, and Maggie had a big beard and long dark wig and carried a pillow under her shirt to make her frame look bigger than Hagrid.

Fans loved the Post, especially shortly after their Game of Thrones night. User l @ exieseamons enthused: “These theme evenings are really the smartest thing! IMPRESSIVE !!! “while @heatherlovesdonah gushed:” Harry Potter + Tim McGraw and fam = heaven. “Fan @dallas_albury cheered,” This is the best family in the world !!!! “with applause emojis as user @mcgrawlovinmichele admitted: “I don’t know about Harry Potter, but I see a hot guy in the background!” Referring to Tim.

The McGraw family had themed evenings at home before Christmas. Earlier in the day, Tim showed how dinner was already going on on Christmas Eve and posted a photo of the kitchen of her house with a large saucepan on the stove and a tray of neatly rolled meatballs. “Keep playing! Christmas Eve sauce is boiling !! That Santa over the stove has made our family smile for many years!” He added that the Christmas decorations on the wall are hanging over a festive pine garland. Pop culture quarantine dinners? Homemade Christmas Eve meals that way unbelievable it takes two days to cook? The McGraw-Hill family is a serious target when it comes to overall appeal.




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