14 Meals which might be Worse For Weight Loss Than White Sugar


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Dietitians, nutritionists, and weight loss experts at Rati Beauty agree that white sugar is the biggest hurdle that can completely halt weight loss while affecting overall health. White sugar is nutritionally deficient and high in calories and not essential for the body to function. However, there are certain foods that are actually worse than white sugar but don’t get a bad reputation and are sometimes even glorified as “healthy foods”. In this post, we list 14 foods that are worse than white sugar for weight loss.

1. Refined carbohydrates: foods made from refined flour, white bread, white rice, cookies, biscuits, cakes, pastries, etc., greatly increase blood sugar, trigger insulin spikes, and trigger the storage of fat in fat cells, which leads to weight gain.
2. Margarine: A large number of people still believe that margarine is a healthy choice compared to regular butter because the former is believed to contain less fat. But the truth is that vegetable oil margarine is whipped up with a good amount of transfat, and this is where the problem begins – many countries have started banning artificial transfat as it has been linked to obesity and cardiovascular disease.
3. Mayonnaise: It is high in calories and consists mainly of oils. It also leads to weight gain.
4. Baked Potato Chips: Baked chips usually contain higher levels of a compound called “acrylamide” which can potentially cause nerve damage and other health risks.
5. French Fries: With lots of flavor and calories, it’s easy to overeat this extremely tasty snack.
6. Packaged fruit juices: Fresh fruit juices are not the same as whole fresh fruit. If they are packaged with artificial taste, color, and preservatives, they are not doing the body any good. Eat your fruits raw, whole, for the goodness of fiber and minerals that are lost in juicing.
7. Artificial sweeteners: If you have switched from white sugar to artificial sweeteners in your normal coffee / tea, we would like to point out that such sweeteners make you hungrier and that you can actually gain weight with regular use.
8. Refined and Hydrogenated Oils: Such oils are high in calories and also raise the bad cholesterol in the body and produce toxic by-products during digestion. Here is a list of healthy edible oils that you can switch to when cooking.
9. Energy drinks: These have empty calories and high sugar content, which leads to weight gain.
10. Trans fat: It is commonly found in fried foods, packaged baked goods, and even margarine. There are enough data and studies to support the fact that regular consumption of foods containing transfats can lead to the development of metabolic syndrome, obesity, and certain types of cancers such as breast and colon cancer.
11. Nitrites: Processed meat may contain nitrates and nitrites are potential carcinogenic compounds.
12. High Fructose Corn Syrup: Granola bars that many people consider healthy are likely to result in weight gain due to their high fructose corn syrup content, which causes sharp insulin spikes and triggers the storage of fat in the body.
13. Food colors: Food colors and dyes are artificial chemicals that are added to processed foods to make them more attractive. Not all food colors are safe, however. In fact, the continued use of food colors can increase your risk of developing certain health disorders. Therefore, minimize their use as much as possible.
14. Processed Meat: Loaded with saturated oils, unhealthy fats, sugar, salt, and extremely high calories, they also lose their nutritional profile during processing. Not all recommended when trying to lose weight.

So, if you want to remove all unhealthy food sources from your diet in order to get healthy and lose weight, reduce your consumption of these foods listed above.

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