The Finest Issues the GQ Workers Purchased This Yr


A blurred camera strap. Consistent pandemic solo walks gave me good reasons to get my old Nikon F5 out of the closet. One of the first SLR cameras used by journalists in the field in the 1990s – it’s a tough old man. And pretty hard! To cushion my shoulder for the weight and mitigate the neglect of the past few years, just a fluffy, flowery, pink Prada shoulder strap would be enough. Instead of a new handbag, I have a Nikon with accessories these days. It gave me endless pleasure. – Codie Steensma

A killer kilt. My Chopova Lowena Kilt, which I looked at for months but eventually bought after seeing Harry Styles in a similar one in the December issue of Vogue. It goes with every t-shirt, sweater, and mask I own. – Rachel Tashjian

Hard clothes. The ultimate waffle thermal from Mantle. It’s super dense and heavy and cut oversized so it’s almost sculptural. The fabric is dry and cozy, but not too soft. Softness is the enemy. – Noah Johnson

A cuddly sweater. The best zoom light in my apartment is right in front of a draughty window. Lucky: I picked up a fresh J. Press Shaggy Dog just before the lockdown. You probably already know these sweaters rule, but my super contrasting gray heather is especially fair. The fibers range from bright white to perfect black, which gives it that shape-changing quality – it changes with the light. Coincidentally, it became the perfect work-from-home shift on cool days. It’s the lightness and warmth of a crew-neck jersey-cotton sweatshirt, but with a slightly scratchy stiffness that reminds me that I still have something to do. – Chris Cohen

Future footwear. Ironically, I wore exactly zero times in the best piece of clothing I bought in 2020. When the lockdown came in in March, I figured that in the worst case scenario, it would last a month or two. So when I found a yummy deal on a pair of white Celine Jacno boots, I didn’t think twice about it – it would be my post-pandemic party boots. Well … they’re still unworn in my closet. If I were healthy, I would have sold them at Grailed by now, but I would like to wear them too badly for the first vaxxed-up function. And I will! – Samuel Hine

Torn shorts. My 2020 resolution was to wear more suits. I bought one earlier this year. Then everything was shut down, there was no need to wear it, and that was it. So I bought these John Elliot tiger print basketball shorts that I had locked away during the year I was comfortable watching Tiger King and seeing Tiger Tiger King. I’ll wear them until I have to wear a suit again – and then probably for a while after that. – Clay Skipper

Next level denim. My favorite purchase of the year was a Lorods zip-through jeans, mostly because they’re very cool … but also because the denim is super soft; They are the only jeans I work from home in. And I love supporting small US designers! – Haley Gilbreath

Stretchy pants. The best piece of clothing I got in 2020 was Issey Miyake Homme pleated pants. They’re perfect pandemic pants in that they make me look very elegant and put together, but also have the ability to stretch like an accordion. Instead of a fashion show that year, Issey Miyake posted a video of models dancing and jumping in their pleated pants and shorts. There’s no better pitch for pants this year than this one. – Cam Wolf




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