Stormi Webster Crashes Travis Scott’s Instagram Reside To Say ‘Howdy’ – .


Stormi Webster made her father and boyfriend laugh when she appeared on his last Instagram Live to break up their conversation with her cuteness.

Travis ScottThe 28 year old gave his friend and the audience a small reward as his cute two year old daughter Stormi made an unexpected appearance on his last Instagram Live Chat. Dead could be seen saying “hello” to her father’s friend and followers on the screen with a pacifier in his mouth while she was hanging out with the rapper on December 26th. “Hey! What is the matter born Storm? “Said Travis’ girlfriend as she appeared on the screen and made them both laugh.

While the brief moment was a sweet one, it’s not the first time Stormi has drawn attention for making a cameo in one of her father’s videos. The cutie popped up when he went live on the Fortnite video game in April. “No, I want it,” you could hear her say from the camera and point to his iPhone. “You want it? Okay,” Travis replied sweetly as he waved the camera to his little girl. “Do you want to say hello and goodbye?”

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Travis and Stormis shared live moments really help demonstrate their incredible bond. The father and daughter seemed to be having a wonderful Christmas this week when he showed up to see their mother Kylie Jenner‘s house to make her a stunning gift that included a replica of Cinderella’s carriage to the ball, which can be seen in the video below. The gift also had a sign that read “Princess Stormi” in Disney print and the girl posed for photos while wearing a light blue princess-style dress.

Kylie shared photos and videos of Stormi enjoying her gift on Instagram and even tagged her ex in the caption. “Omg @travisscott” read it along with several heart emojis.

Before Stormi was surprised by her great present on Christmas morning, she met her mother for a small family reunion at her aunt’s Kourtney KardashianThe house on Christmas Eve after their annual party was canceled due to the coronavirus. She and Kylie paired up in bright red sparkly dresses and posed for pictures Kylie shared on social media. “Merry Christmas ”, the infatuated mother captioned the epic photos.




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