9 Causes you might be Waking up Hungry within the Center of the Evening


Are you one of those people who wake up at odd times of the night with extreme hunger pangs and cravings? Rest assured that you are not alone. There are many of us who have to make this mandatory round to the fridge at creepy hours of the night to eat something spicy or sweet because the belly would not stop growling. In most cases such hunger pangs are caused by a lack of energy or a severe lack of calories. If a person does not eat enough during the day, they may wake up hungry, but there are other reasons they can feel starved in the middle of the night. Therefore, in this post, we throw more light on this topic:

1. Carbohydrate-rich products for dinner: Carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates for dinner, can raise blood sugar sharply, and after about an hour the subsequent sharp drop occurs, and low blood sugar levels can make you extremely hungry in the middle of the year at night. For this reason, it is important to maintain a healthy balance with all meals, especially dinner. So, be sure to read all the meal plans for weight loss in the Rati Beauty app.

2. Your last meal was lacking in nutrition: If your daily diet is lacking important nutrients like protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, it is usually constantly on the lookout for more energy and in such a case can send you starving in the middle the night.

3. Sleep deprivation: There is a direct link between sleep deprivation and an imbalance in ghrelin and leptin hormones, which can lead to weight gain. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night for ghrelin and leptin to work properly because when ghrelin levels rise it leads to frequent hunger pangs.

4. Hormones got out of hand: As mentioned above, when leptin hormone gets out of hand, it leads to increased appetite and cravings during the day, and that doesn’t stop at night either. An imbalance in cortisol, ghrelin, insulin, and melatonin can also cause unnecessary cravings.

5. Insulin resistance: Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body’s cells no longer respond to insulin efforts by not allowing glucose to enter them. As a result, excess glucose circulates in the bloodstream. To get rid of excess blood sugar, the pancreas continues to secrete more insulin, making it a vicious circle. When the cells become resistant to insulin efforts, the stomach can feel empty and hungry, and most people mistake it for hunger, so they get up and go to the kitchen at night.

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6. You are just thirsty: You can actually confuse the thirst for hunger, as the body is relatively inefficient in relaying signals of “thirst” compared to hunger. As a result, hunger is more common just when one is thirsty, which leads to weight gain. So don’t go to bed thirsty, always fill a bottle of water near the bed to keep yourself hydrated.

7. Too Much Vigorous Exercise: If you’ve recently switched to a lot of high-intensity exercise and they are too close to bedtime, it can lead to an energy deficit. To replenish energy, you can crave sugary things for odd hours.

8. Crash Diet: If you have consumed a lot of calories and been on a crash diet to lose weight, the energy deficit can increase cravings and leave you starving towards the end of the day, most commonly at night. Because of this, it is important to follow a healthy diet that does not make you hungry all day in order to lose weight. For more information, see the Rati Beauty weekly diets in the Rati Beauty app.

9. Elevated Stress Levels: Stress can make you look for comfort foods, and elevated stress levels also increase the production of the hunger hormone “ghrelin” as it lowers stress. This explains why most people tend to overeat when they are stressed or even just anxious. Burn off the stress by exercising, listening to music, doing yoga, pursuing new hobbies, or just taking your pet for a walk.

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