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Hailey Baldwin looks good in everything but she really knows how to translate her style into wearing short shorts! Check out Hailey who is trendy all year round!

Hailey Baldwin has an incomparable sense of fashion. From the world’s largest runways to collaborating on advertising campaigns for the most popular brands, the 24-year-old model has proven time and again that she can work on almost any look. But some of her fans’ favorite outfits are worn when Hailey is not in the catwalk spotlight. In fact, she has a great fashion sense and we’ve rounded up some of the best shorts and daisy duke looks she has designed every season!

Hailey rocks a crop top and gray shorts. PICTURE: BACKGROUND

Hailey proved that you can really rock the trend any time of the year when she stepped out on December 26th. The supermodel rocked a pair of cropped gray shorts over a pair of Nike bike shorts. She flashed her rock hard abs in a black top and oversized black jacket while carrying two white shopping bags. Hailey also tied her blonde locks back in a topknot when she was sported with gold necklaces and a pair of fluffy black slides.

Hailey Baldwin arrives at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles after working on a project with singer Miguel on July 20 [BACKGRID].Summer is the perfect time for a quick peek, and Hailey rocked a hell of a lot on July 20th! The model arrived at the Hollywood Rosevelt in Los Angeles after working with a singer on a music video Miguel. Hailey was wearing a pair of denim daisy dukes that looked very heavy on the model and showed her long legs in the high-waisted shorts.

Hailey Baldwin in Los Angeles [SplashNews].Hailey was also seen in Los Angeles in Jeans Daisy Dukes. Similar to her first look, Hailey styled this ensemble with a crop top and added a pair of black and red boots for some pop. She also wore a light jacket and a small red bag!

Hailey BaldwinHailey Baldwin gets out in Beverly Hills on December 2nd [BACKGRID].After all, Hailey’s newest look brought in some key ’90s vibes during the coolest season. Hailey wore shorts and a plaid blazer after leaving a Beverly Hills hair salon on December 2. The oversized blazer completely covered the shirt Hailey was wearing with her look, and the model wore a pair of black sneakers and white ankle socks to complete her outfit.

As you can see, Hailey can get the upper hand as the Daisy Duke Queen! The model seriously has a wonderful sense of what looks good on her body, and she loves to give each new look its own unique flair. To see more photos of Hailey rocking short shorts and Daisy Dukes year round, check out the images above by scrolling through the gallery!




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