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Barack and Michelle Obama’s relationship has lasted so much in nearly three decades of marriage. Take a look back at the beginning of their romance and all the milestones they reached together!

There has never been a first couple like this Barack and Michelle Obama. The 44th President of the United States and his consummate wife have been together for approximately 30 years and have been married for 28 years. They celebrated their youngest anniversary on October 3, 2020. After serving two terms at the White House as Senator from Illinois and booking tours and family outings alike, this couple has gone through so much and made history in the process. Take a look back at Barack and Michelle’s romance with this timeline of their relationship.

Meeting in 1989

At just 25 years old, Michelle was working as a lawyer on the Southside of Chicago when she was asked to look after Barack. While their relationship initially remained strictly professional, Barack eventually took up the courage to ask Michelle out on a date. “Once [Barack and I] started talking and becoming friends, he was very clear – just like, “I want to go out with you.” At least in my experience so far, men would be shy. They would look around the room somehow. It was all so complicated and it felt a little immature, ”Michelle recalled Conan O’Brien.

“What impressed me about Barack was his lack of pretense,” said Michelle. “I mean, he was someone who knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to say it. And I thought, “Well, when he’s in tune with his feelings, he can say aloud to someone who doesn’t know.” He didn’t know if I liked him again! He said, “Look, let me tell you, this is what I think of you: I think you are special, I think you are different and I would like to get you out.” And that was rare. And it was attractive. “

Wedding bells in 1992

On October 3, 1992, Michelle and Barack exchanged “I dos” three years after their first date on Chicago’s Southside. Over the course of their nearly three decades of marriage, the two pondered that fall day when she promised their love for one another in front of family and friends. “You can’t tell from this photo, but Barack woke up with a bad cold on our wedding anniversary in October 1992,” Michelle began captioning a photo she posted a few months before her 26th wedding anniversary.

“Somehow it was miraculously gone when I met him at the altar, and we danced most of the night. 25 years on, we’re still having fun while doing the hard work to build our partnership and support each other as individuals. I can’t imagine going on this wild ride with anyone else. “

Welcome from Malia in 1998

Barack and Michelle Obama with an infant Malia [AP].Six years after their marriage, Michelle and Barack welcomed their first of two daughters after years of conception. In the past, the former first lady of the United States has been so incredibly frank about what she and Barack endured to welcome her two amazing girls. “I felt like I failed because I didn’t know how common miscarriages were because we didn’t talk about them,” said Michelle during an interview in November 2018.

“We sit in our own pain and think that we are somehow broken. That’s one of the reasons I think it’s important to talk to new mothers about miscarriages happening. I think the worst thing we women do to ourselves is not sharing the truth about our bodies and how they work. “Fortunately, Michelle and Barack welcomed the daughter after IVF treatment Malia Ann Obama on July 4th, 1998. But the family of three would be welcoming a new member soon!

Sasha was born in 2001

The Obamas with their young daughters Sasha and Malia [AP].On June 10, 2001 Sasha made the Obama clan a family of four! Both Sasha and Malia managed to grow up in the spotlight with so much grace, matured in the White House, and lived on the national stage since they were young. But Barack and Michelle couldn’t be more proud of the young women their daughters have become.

“They reflect their generation in the sense that they want to make a difference, and they think about their careers: How can I make a positive difference? How do I make the world better? “The former president shared in an interview on November 24th. “In my opinion, which particular paths they take will change and vary between the two.”

Illinois Senate in 2004

The Obama family is watching the return of the Illinois Senate race [AP].Until 2004 the Obamas rose steadily on the national stage. Barack announced himself as the newly elected Illinois State Senator in 2004 and began to shape his legacy by working with his constituents. Michelle, for her part, was always by Barack’s side on the campaign, while holding down her job at the University of Chicago hospitals. But in a few years, life on Obamas would be completely disrupted by one of the biggest decisions in Barack’s life.

The 2008 election

Barack Obama wins the 2008 presidential race [AP].As if Barack and Michelle hadn’t already proven their union would go down in American political history as one of the most supportive romantic partnerships on the national stage, the couple made history in November 2007 when Barack was elected 44th president from the United States United States. For the first time in American history, an African American family was the nation’s first family. The couple felt the pressure to overcome all the challenges ahead. But it has taken a toll on their union.

Re-elected in 2012

Barack Obama will be re-elected to the office of President of the United States [AP].After four years as the United States leader in world and domestic affairs, Barack was re-elected as President of the United States for a second term. But after deliberation, the former commander-in-chief found that his marriage was struggling with constant scrutiny. “I still felt an undercurrent of tension in her, subtle but constant, like the faint rumble of a hidden machine,” recalled the former president in his latest essay, A Promised Land.

“It was as if all of their previous sources of frustration, limited as we were within the walls of the White House, became more focused and animated, whether it was my 24/7 absorption with work or the way politics our family exposed to control and attack, or the tendency even from friends and family members to treat their role as secondary. “Ever since Michelle and Barack left the White House, they have been open to their marital battles and have been completely transparent about participating in marriage counseling. But after two terms, anything they could endure made them so much stronger.

28 years later

Barack Obama kisses his wife Michelle on the cheek [AP].As soon as one chapter began, another ended. Michelle and Barack Obama left the White House in January 2017 following the election of the president Donald Trump in November 2016. The couple initially returned to their private lives – dropping their daughters from college and spending time together while pursuing their new, individual goals. But as the time passed under the Trump administration, the couple decided to use their votes again and stand up for the president-elect Joe Biden and elected vice president Kamala Harris with everything they had.

After 28 years of marriage and counting, Michelle and Barack Obama appear to be as in love as ever. The two regularly rave about each other on social media, and there’s no denying that the spark of their love is still huge. “Despite everything, I wanted to take a moment to say a happy anniversary to the love of my life. Every day with [Michelle Obama] makes me a better husband, better father, and better person, ”wrote Barack in a caption on the couple’s 28th wedding anniversary.

“I am in love [Barack Obama] for his smile, character and compassion, “wrote Michelle for her own post on October 3.” So grateful to have him as a partner for all that life throws at us. “We can’t wait to see Obama’s love story unfold over the years.




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