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Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram to share some cute and loving videos of her and her eldest daughter Natalia having a great time together while ice skating in a snowy place.

Vanessa BryantThe 38-year-old took a little time with her daughter for mother and daughter Natalia, 17, on December 27th. The infatuated mom shared a couple of videos enjoying outdoor ice skating in an unfamiliar location, and in one they were hugging the snow falling with a precious moment. “It’s snowing,” said Vanessa, who wore a red winter hat and a gray coat, to the camera before kissing her oldest girl’s cheek and saying, “I love you”. The like beauty did not hesitate to say it back and smile.

The duo could also be seen doing their best to slide across the slippery ice in another clip while they laughed and tried to compete at one point. They were joined by a singer and a friend Ciara, 35, who could comment and laugh behind the camera. A third clip, seen below and posted separately by Vanessa, showed the crooner “1, 2 Step” joining her on the ice and telling the camera, “It’s the mommies out here breaking the ice . “

In addition to the pictures from the ice skating trip, Vanessa shared snaps of her, Ciara, Natalia and their two other daughters Bianca, 4 and capri, 1, hits the snow-covered slopes. An adorable photo seen below showed the happy parents giving the camera a kissing face with Bianka when they were both bundled up in coats and hats during the fun adventure.

Before going on her snowy outings, Vanessa touched hearts when she shared a special Christmas message along with her black and white Christmas card photo from that year. It showed her and her three girls smiling as they sat together and she remembered her late husband Kobe Bryant and deceased daughter Giannawho passed away in January. by adding a previous family photo that contained them in black and white. She also wrote an affectionate caption with the post.

“Always together, never together forever in our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Kobe, Vanessa, Natalia, Gianna, Bianka and Capri, “it said.




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