Extra Mashups Ought to Make Cary Grant Go to House


Welcome to The queue – Your daily distraction from curated video content from across the web. Today we’re looking at a mashup linking Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest to the Star Wars universe.

Few were brave enough to ask, “What if Cary Grant was in a big budget space epic? “Fortunately, we now have an answer.

At least we have a vision, a resourceful hypothesis of what it would be like if the most polite man who graces the screen suddenly dodged laser beams and took part in high speed hyperdrive chases (while drinking whiskey). Of course).

Four years ago, a delightful little mashup called “Darth from DarthwestImagined a transition between Alfred HitchockSpy thriller North by northwest and the war of stars Universe. Based on what is probably the most famous scene in the Hitchcock film, in the first episode of the mashup, advertising specialist Roger Thornhill (Grant) was followed by a real opponent while he was waiting at a remote bus stop. Only here is the infamous Crop Duster a TIE fighter screaming over fields of grain strewn with Sarlacc pits.

This first episode ends with Thornhill escaping on the Millennium Falcon. The new chapter picks up right where we left off as our hero’s constant flight leads to the stars. The mashup consists of footage from North by Northwest, a litany of Star Wars films. ET the alienand (of all things) 2 Fast 2 Furious.

There have been a variety of genres in the Star Wars films, from robbery films to westerns to adventure series. In a galaxy full of possibilities, I would like to believe there is room for a Hitchcock hero.

Clock ““Darth from Darthwest: Episode II”::

Who did that?

This mashup video is directed and edited by Fabrice Mathieu. The French director, screenwriter and editor is a true mashup assistant whose work gives new meaning to the meme “Greatest Crossover Ever”. Here you can find Mathieu’s work on Vimeo. You can also find it on YouTube here. And finally, you can follow them here on Twitter. Alfred Lucas produced this mashup.

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