Did “Surprise Lady 1984” Give A Shot In The Arm To HBO Max?


A lot of fuss has been made about studios, which may send more and more products to their streaming services. Apparently, the biggest news was about Warner Bros. and their decision to move it all to HBO Max in 2021 and make Wonder Woman available on the platform last week in 1984. Would it be the death of cinema? We have no idea there, but the immediate question was whether Wonder Woman is attracting more subscribers on HBO Max. Well, some amount of that is apparently in the world, and the news is good for WarnerMedia in that regard, at least. Read on for more …

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a recent poll found that a solid number of new subscribers signed up to HBO Max to watch the sequel to Wonder Woman. In addition to Wonder Woman 1984 attracting people there, Disney + apparently also did soul very well on their platform. All of this suggests that streaming might be a bigger fact in the future, and Warner Bros.’s plan for 2021 shows no signs of abandonment. The numbers speak for themselves.

Here’s a bit of their story:

WarnerMedia’s Christmas wish to lure new HBO Max subscribers through the Wonder Woman 1984 offering has been fulfilled.

According to a Screen Engine poll, 23 percent of WW84 viewers signed up for the streaming service to watch the superhero’s sequel over the weekend of December 25-27. In this group, 14 percent said they will continue to subscribe, while 9 percent will likely cancel soon.

Pixar’s Soul was also a big Christmas attraction for the fast growing Disney +, which has more than 87 million customers in its first year of operation. HBO Max launched in May and ended the third quarter with an eligible customer base of 28.7 million.

Neither WarnerMedia nor Disney released streaming numbers for their respective films over the Christmas weekend, which is one of the numerous event images for 2020 forced to change course due to the COVID-19 crisis.

According to Screen Engine, WW84 was seen more in its first week than any other 2020 SVOD movie that ousted Hamilton (Disney +) and Soul. Screen Engine, a leading Hollywood research firm on admissions and consumer habits, began conducting serious surveys of home entertainment viewers after the pandemic.

Among the existing HBO Max customers, 19 percent said they would have likely canceled their subscriptions without WW84 and are now likely to remain customers for the time being.

Stay tuned to see how HBO Max and Disney + do in 2021 …

(Source: THR)




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