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I’m really pleased with how many of the must-haves I wrote about in 2019 actually successfully incorporated into my must-haves that remained favorites in 2020! I did a better job figuring out what I could reach for (and not just want!). However, there are plenty of long-time favorites that have kept their places on their list! 🙂

Remember, these are products that I really liked enough to 1) remind yourself that they exist, 2) put them in a more accessible place, and 3) use them again but mine Using the same product more than a few times in the world is an accomplishment, so my threshold for “must-have” is by no means something I have to use every day (not possible!).

You might want to check out the new must-haves I spotted in 2019, as well as the must-haves that remained favorites in 2019. This post reflects how these newer must-haves became part of my routine in 2020 along with all of mine The long-standing must-haves listed in 2019 continued to be used in 2020. I would like to know about your own staples last year and how they compare to last year. What passed another year’s test?

Here are some things that have changed:

Some things that definitely haven’t changed …

And this is how my new must-haves from 2019 worked in 2020 …

EYE PRODUCTS: I still prefer Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona’s eyeshadows when it comes to playing with old releases, even when other palettes and products are of outstanding quality. Natasha Denona Biba and Nude Paletten are my “contact points” for neutrals. I’ve used Pat McGrath’s Nocturnal Nirvana and Sydney Grace’s Autumn’s Reign a few times over the past year, but when I wanted to use Sydney Grace eyeshadow I wanted full access to my singles instead.

CHEEK / FACE PRODUCTS: In fact, over the past year I reached out and used Cover FX Warm Honey, Milk Makeup Blitzed, Fenty Beauty Afternoon Snack / Mo ‘Hunny, and Sydney Grace Paris Skies. I didn’t use Cover FX Spiced Cinnamon much (I still went for Marc Jacobs Beauty Airblushes instead), and while I love it, Marc Jacobs Beauty Jet Girl is just too big to stash in my vanity drawers, so have i didn’t do it. I don’t remember using it much!

I used the pink-champagne side of the Natasha Denona Highlighter / Blush Mini (I still wish it was a custom shade!). When I wanted something warmer and just as sparkling, I used Fenty Beauty Wattabrat.

LIPS: I haven’t worn Giorgio Armani Rose Nomad more than once, but I reached out for Pat McGrath Flesh 3 and Marc Jacobs To the Moon and was able to reuse them.

Must-haves that remained favorites in 2020

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