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Sophie Turner is making the last day of 2020 a brilliant day for her fans. She shares never-before-seen photos from each month of the year, including several while holding her baby bump.

Sophie Turner Looking back at her 2020 with loving care, sharing a never-before-seen snapshot that was made into her Instagram Stories every month of the year. The 24-year-old first became a mother on July 27, when she and her husband Joe Jonas greeted her daughter Willaand included some photos on her December 31st while holding her baby bump. This is big news for her fans as Sophie didn’t share her own bump pics while pregnant. In fact, she and Joe didn’t even confirm what they expected. However, in early May, it was impossible to hide her growing belly as paparazzi photos documented Sophie’s pregnancy.

For the month of January 2020, Sophie shared a photo in a deep green dress as she cradled her budding bump. 31-year-old husband Joe stood behind her and also had one of his hands on her stomach. The Game of Thrones star showed off her much larger baby bump in a selfie that marked the month of May.

Sophie wore a tight gray skirt with a long-sleeved button-up shirt that was pulled up and tied just above her stomach. She snapped the photo in front of a mirror in her huge closet at the couple’s estate in Encino, CA. By then, she was only a few months away from giving birth.

Sophie added another baby photo for 2020 to represent the month of July wearing an oversized gray sweatshirt and pants. She didn’t have a visible, large bump like she should have done for nine months this month – as seen in the photo below, where she carried a heavy stomach on July 6th. Instead, Sophie seemed to have already had her baby and was back home in the baby’s nursery. She appeared to have a large, wet looking stain on the front of her sweatshirt that she pointed to what could have been her newborn’s courtesy.

Pregnant Sophie Turner’s bump can be seen as she picnic in a park in Studio City, CA on July 6, 2020. Image credit: BACKGRID.

Some of the other photos marking Sophie’s year were so cute, including one for the month of April showing the couple’s adorable pet corgi wearing a cute GOT-themed white doggie shirt that reads “The North Remembers.” . August and September were dedicated to Sophie’s oral surgery, as her wisdom teeth were apparently removed after giving birth.

Sophie could be seen in a video for August 2020 when she was apparently still numb from the operation with bloody gauze balls in her mouth. “Do you feel good?” someone asked as she was in a wheelchair and pointing her hand while smiling and saying a half-hearted “yes”. Her September 2020 photo showed Sophie with ice packs on either side of her cheeks held around her head by ace bandages. She ended the year with a cute photo of her game in the snow with her corgi as a December 2020 snapshot.




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