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The Beauty Closet questionnaire

Jean Godfrey-June Megan O'Neill

Goop Beauty Editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill love to ask and answer questions. In their podcast The Beauty Closet they do both. To familiarize you with the guests each week, we created a beauty (and life) questionnaire.


Michelle Henry, MD, dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon

What are the best techniques for straightening crow’s feet? Is it true that “black doesn’t crack”? What can you really do with lasers? How do you refresh someone without making them look “finished”? How do we treat adult acne at home? What does it mean to specialize in colored skin? And how do we get a complexion that is as incredibly porous as Dr. Michelle Henry? (Yes, she’s upstairs, not a model.) On the latest episode of The Beauty Closet, Henry, a Mount Sinai and Harvard trained dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, has brilliant, super useful answers to questions about everything From Asking How how we feel and look our best in old age, to the point of asking whether there is an ideal facial structure. She has the calming humor you would expect from a lifelong friend and a perspective on what it means to feel beautiful and confident in a broader sense – about treatments and super creams in the office, race, age, and even her own aesthetic techniques out. It’s just an incredible episode.


Her talents lie not only in her mastery of the many different laser, injectable, and surgical techniques, but also in her ability to tailor them to individual patients. “As aesthetic surgeons, we learn what are known as golden ratios – for example, the size ratio between the upper and lower lip – that make no sense if you are black or East Asian on lips,” says Henry, who serves on numerous diversity and inclusion boards for large aesthetic companies is working. “So if you apply these golden ratios to a black patient, you are not serving them.”

Henry’s episode is absolutely fascinating, as are her responses to the Goop Beauty questionnaire.

First job?

I was working on a t-shirt kiosk at my local mall. I’m still one of the best t-shirt folders out there. I’m grateful for every Houston tourist who amused me as a sixteen year old.

Preferred form of exercise?

Yoga and peloton are my must-haves. I am in love [Peloton instructors] Alex, Ally Love, Jessica and Robin!

The most common treatment you give clients?

Dermal fillers and advanced laser housings for color patients.

Favorite procedure and why?

I love doing injections. Beauty is really a question of millimeters and small, subtle improvements – I call them optimizations. With fillers, a millimeter change can go from average to breathtaking in seconds. It’s such a simple, trust-building process with little downtime.

Blow dry or air dry?

Both! Air dry most of the time because there is less damage and it’s great for my busy schedule. When I have to look great, I love a good blowout.

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What would you put on your neon sign?

She believed she could so she did.

How often do you charge?

I try to recharge myself daily at home and every few months when traveling. The beach is my happy place. When I’m stressed, guide me to the nearest body of water. That and meditation – a lot of meditation.




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