10 Heroic Merchandise That Introduced Pleasure to a Bleak Yr



“Some people just have more fun when they have the right amount of caffeine. I am one of them. Even so, I’m very sensitive to caffeine, so it’s difficult to find just the right balance – some days even a single cup of coffee is a one-way street into a bad time. I finished several attempts, but I am human. When I can, I choose matcha instead of coffee – it still has caffeine in it, which is cheering me up, but it’s also a source of L-theanine which makes the experience a lot smoother. Matcha is also more fun and requires less patience than coffee. And I love that matcha works so well with oat milk. My mom got me an Almond Cow plant-based milk maker for the holidays, so now I milk my oats fresh at home, which is a source of absolute joy. ” – Kelly Martin, co-editor

  1. Matcha Kari Ceremonial Grade Matcha Goop, $ 61



“Maybe not fun in the usual sense, but I live for a nice, leisurely, stress-relieving bathroom. What’s funny is that I never took a bath; I was a team shower the whole time. Then I started working here and found that there was a total bathing culture (GP takes a bath every night and she’s not the only one). And then, on a whim, I tried a sample of The Martini Emotional Detox Bath Soak – I think it came in my welcome goodie bag – and that’s when I saw the light. I’ve tried all of the Goop bath soaps since then, but Martini is still my number one. It says in the bag that in turbulent times it is “one step ahead”. So you can imagine how many times I’ve bought them back this year. ” – Amanda Chung, Junior Creative Copywriter

  1. goop Beauty The Martini Emotional Detox Bath
    goop Beauty “The Martini” Emotional detox
    Bath Soak goop, $ 35



“My husband’s birthday is at the end of November and I gave him a Theragun: the best gift I have ever given him. And it is certainly the gift that I have already enjoyed the most and that I look forward to – often. This massager is incredibly powerful. Calves. Hamstrings. Lower back. Shoulders. The arches of your feet – oh my god, don’t skip these. Of course, getting someone to do everything for you is especially great and they can melt right into your pillow. ” – Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director

  1. Therabody Theragun Elite
    Therabody Theragun Elite goop, $ 399



“I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do: put Swarovski crystals along my ears. Added a little holiday shine. I started trying to follow the directions and place the ear seeds according to the traditional Chinese map of the ear. I’m not sure which of my intended acupressure points – stress, digestion, immunity, shoulders – I landed on, but I want to press on certain ear seeds more than others. Acupressure and sparkling jewels are fun. ” “Gerda.” Endemann, Senior Director, Science and Research

  1. WTHN Ear Seed Kit
    WTHN Ear Seed Kit goop, $ 45



“I really enjoyed this little pot. Everything feels luxurious, especially the texture: it’s a silky, cooling gel mousse that you spread evenly over your skin and leave on for as long as you want. Since it doesn’t contain any harsh acids – the main goal is to keep hydrated – I can reach for it whenever I feel pale without worrying if it’s too soon after the last treatment. I always feel transformed afterwards. If I’ve had a few days of going through my skin care routine, this is the ultimate rehab enough to completely reverse a mood. ” – Jessie Geoffray, managing editor

  1. Tata Harper Floral Moisturizing Mask
    Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask goop, $ 95



“I keep this herbal tincture at my desk and put a few drops in my water or directly on my tongue throughout the day. The name Rose-Colored Glasses makes sense: it tastes like sweet and earthy rose and helps me develop a good mood and a brighter attitude when I’m a little stressed. It’s also just a fun addition to my drink when the water is getting boring. ” -Jenna Cady, Merchandising Assistant, Beauty and Wellness

  1. Rose spoon made from wooden spoon
    Wooden spoons of herbs rose-colored goop glasses, $ 36



“At the start of the pandemic, strategic advisor Priya Parker shared the advice that creating rituals of passage can help end a monotonous day. Rituals of passage are simple, she says, like a cup of coffee that takes you from a dormant state to a state of attacking your inbox. With that in mind, I needed something that could help me transition at the end of my work day. I closed my laptop and immediately stared at the slightly larger screen on my television. Step into the Bearaby weighted ceiling. Now when I close my laptop, I go under it first – with no screen in range – to unplug it for at least a while. Rituals are pretty perfect: nothing special and don’t require any effort on my part. ” – Cait Moore, senior program manager

  1. Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket 15lbs
    Bearaby Cotton Napper weighted
    Blanket 15 pounds of goop, $ 249



“I met Neel van Lierop, the creator of these cards, when I went through a severe breakup. I know this isn’t fun, but what I learned from Neel was that she created her original Inner Compass deck when she got out of a relationship and didn’t know what her gut was telling her. Instead of thinking and searching endlessly for answers, she created a user-friendly deck that should help people develop and trust their own intuition. The cards aren’t supposed to tell you what to do. They help you to feel your feelings and to listen to your inner voice. Neel’s second set of cards, the Love Deck, is a light-hearted exploration of both romantic love and self-love. Even when things were difficult and definitely not fun, the cards helped me see the good in life. And yes, I got over this ex at some point. ” – Samantha Saiyavongsa, associate editor

  1. Inner compass cards Inner compass love cards
    Inner compass cards Inner compass love cards goop, $ 55



“With the monotony of WFH life, I have learned to turn the most everyday moments into an occasion. Lately I’ve been making drinks: My beloved pourable coffee is the morning ritual that I look forward to from the moment my alarm clock goes off. Fizzy water with mint, cucumber and a fancy lemon twist ensures that leftover food feels very special. And when I close myself off with a great album and a spritz (I’ve been obsessed with bubbles and current cassis lately), I feel like I’m in a cool lounge even though I’m in my pajamas at 6:45 am. The Aarke makes it super easy – I can pop up fresh bottles of bubbly water in no time, and it’s a lot less wasteful than cans or bottles of seltzer like I used to do. Having this fancy fizzy drink on hand makes it easier to reach moments of special feeling in this strange new reality. ” – Caitlin O’Malley, food director

  1. Aarke stainless steel sparkling water heater
    Aarke stainless steel
    Sparkling Water Maker goop, $ 219





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