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“Our target group is everyone who likes to see a happy face”, summarized Jarrod Joshua, one of the four founders of make hay, sunshine !, a gift basket for whole foods.

make hay, sunshine! started out as a wholefood grocer and e-commerce platform until the founders later realized how big the market was and which different sub-markets they could tap into.

A little over a month after their launch, they received a few inquiries from their close contacts about making gift sets using the fruits they were selling.

“We posted some pictures of these early sets on our social media and the inquiries came in. Now, barely five months after this first set came out, we’ve shifted all of our focus to primarily focusing on giving,” said Jarrod opposite Vulcan Post.

Stay flexible with your business

make hay, sunshine! does not use a pre-order method for their customers to purchase their goods. This came as a surprise to me as pre-orders are usually helpful in keeping freshness and reducing inventory waste.

However, Jarrod stated that they try to keep the variety of fruits in the gift basket flexible and only use seasonal fruits to maintain their freshness.

For this reason, they note on their website for each shopping cart that the actual contents of their boxes may vary depending on the available fresh flowers, fruits and decorative items that are in stock and in season.

“Many fruits are not available all year round. Some may only be available for 4 months per year. Even then, the supply closer to the start or end of the harvest season may not be of the best quality. “

While they reject batches of fruits that do not meet their quality standards, those fruits are not lost. Instead, they go to grocery stores.

Your gift boxes could also contain meat and tea, depending on the theme / photo credit: making hay, sunshine!

“We work very closely with our suppliers, especially with fresh fruit. This helps us to better keep track of stock levels as we get the fruit we need every day, especially the more perishable or fragile, ”explained Jarrod.

He added that this close collaboration also helps them meet the shortage of fruit for short-term orders.

More than just a fruit gift basket

Shortly after the start of their gift sets, the team is making hay, sunshine! also decided to add chocolate and personal care products to their gift sets. This addition to their fruit basket actually helped increase their sales.

“We firmly believe that there is something for everyone and that there is not a single item for everyone,” said Jarrod.

On their website you will find various topics related to fruit baskets such as health and wellness, pampering and self care, etc.

For example, if you choose a health and wellness gift basket, the fruit box could contain kombucha, tea, organic chia seeds and more, depending on the type you want.

Your fruit baskets are also delivered in 3 different types of packaging, in a paper box, a cardboard box or a wooden box / crate.

The different types of packaging they offer / Image Credit: Make Hay, Sunshine!

Having a wide variety of packaging and products in their cartons can also appeal to customers with different income levels.

From now on you can get your fruit baskets for only RM58 and as high as RM488. But they don’t stop there when Jarrod soon teased the launch of a “Super Premium” gift basket with a four-digit price tag.

In a previous article we wrote we compared the prices of 7 other online fruit basket services: Make hay, sunshine! included, same day delivery in Klang Valley.

Our colleague came to the conclusion that hay, sunshine! would be their online focal point due to its price and customizability. From our list, it was one of the two that customers can use to customize their gift box.

The difference is that you are looking for hay, sunshine! Customize the fruits and flowers you want in the box, while for Eska you can only customize additional messages, greeting cards and gift wrapping.

Some of their bespoke gift boxes / Photo credit: Make Hay, Sunshine!

Working with some big names

Make hay sunshine in addition to individual gift baskets! Also suitable for corporate and bulk orders such as employee appreciation gifts, event door gifts, and wedding favors.

“Some notable names we’ve worked with include Swarovski and Paul Smith for their media gifts and product launches, respectively,” Jarrod told Vulcan Post.

Company Gift Boxes They Prepared / Photo Credit: Making Hay, Sunshine!

He also shared that this would be a company that will continue researching their business as it fits their goals of making hay and sunshine! for years to come.

Regarding goals, I also asked when they would know if they had already “got it” what they were doing, but Jarrod replied, “As a team, I don’t think ‘made it’ is part of our vocabulary. It is in our character to constantly strive for the next best and not to rest on our laurels. “

“That being said, if I can answer questions like this without delay, as I did in this case, we may know that we did it.”

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Selected image source: Jarrod Joshua, founder of make hay, sunshine!




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