Resolutions: Nice Pores and skin for 2021


Life – and every habit, good, bad, or indifferent – shows up on our skin, the emerging science of epigenetics tells us. Once a year at goop, in January, we focus on healthier nutrition, exercise and wellness. We put great emphasis on good skin for 2021 starting with a new Goop facial oil that is delivering absolutely amazing results. “This is the year,” says GP. “I always like skin care – a lot more than makeup – but now I’m taking it to the next level with this amazing little bottle of facial oil.”

Face oil isn’t often associated with clinical results, but this everyday, clean product can do a lot more than just moisturize and make the skin feel great: in clinical studies * 100 percent of participants saw softer, smoother skin after four weeks, and 100 percent Percent of them showed a highly significant improvement in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles after eight weeks. The results for improved firmness, brightness, texture and moisture are equally impressive.

Made from nine powerful, nutrient-rich oils (including the retinol alternative bakuchiol, vitamin A-rich Cacay, and organic amla, a vitamin C superfood), as well as clinically tested extracts like schisandra fruit and squalane, the oil feels like a daily treatment incredible when you straighten it and instantly moisturize the skin. Over time, the noticeable benefits pile up, so it’s a habit that really makes a difference. “You have to try to believe it,” says GP, who is doing (and sticking to) some serious skin dissolutions with Goop employees this year.

GP’s resolution:
Glowing, firm, even skin

“It’s amazing what the new face oil has already done for my skin. I combine it with a scrub – GOOPGLOW Microderm – and vitamin C. I apply the C to clean skin every day and it makes a noticeable difference. Then I go in with the GOOPGENES eye cream. I also want to cleanse a bone broth, work on healing leaky gut, and eat more greens, which are all good for the skin. Somehow this autumn of COVID I managed to index meat, potatoes and pasta too strongly. “

– GP

Vineela Yerragudi

Vineela’s resolution:
Freshen up my makeup with oil

“I’ve learned the best trick when you look tired and think you need a little more makeup in the afternoon: pat the face oil on your makeup (avoid your eyes). I swear it instantly refreshes your entire look and gives you the best shine. And it feels like a hug that makes your skin incredibly soft. Since I tried the oil, I have been wearing less makeup. If I feel good about my skin doing my eyelashes and a little cheek color, then I’m good to go! “

– Vineela Yerragudi, product manager

Laurel Stovall

Laurel’s resolution:
Get more moisture

“At the moment, dryness is chasing me everywhere – especially in my mask – so I’ve adjusted to the new face oil and it pays off: I use it lightly in the morning after peeling with GOOPGLOW Microderm and then press it on after I have one Layered skin essence under my favorite hyaluronic acid. It also helps that I got on a vigorous, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, hiking, and Pilates regimen. “

—Laurel Stovall, Private Client Manager

Jean Godfrey-June

Jean’s resolution:
Firmer, smoother, moister skin

“Since the face oil treats the appearance of wrinkles, improves firmness and increases moisture levels at the same time, there is nothing like it. Coated with GOOPGENES face cream, it’s amazing. And to improve on this combination, all you need to do is exfoliate once a week while you sleep. If you have to get stuck inside for the most part, you can feel (and look) just as well nourished (and moist). “

– Jean Godfrey-June, Beauty Director

Megan O'Neill

Megan’s resolution:
Food for oily skin

“One of the best and most skin-balancing things I do for my problem skin is to massage it with a few drops of this facial oil in the morning and evening. It is loaded with active botanicals like amla (a source of vitamin C) and bakuchiol (which has a similar lightening effect as retinol but is not a sensitizer). My skin drinks it up. My routine is an oil cleaner in the shower; next, an amazing new serum that I fell in love with; then the face oil; and lastly, mineral sunscreen that blends easily into my skin. “

– Megan O’Neill, senior beauty editor

Ali Pew

Ali’s resolution:
Lighter, smoother skin

“My skincare goal for 2021 (in addition to some important lasers on my broken capillaries) is to exfoliate and apply moisture afterwards. I love this face oil – it adds the extra moisture I need. I like my skin to be light, a bit shiny, and this creates an even brightness from chin to forehead, from ear to ear. “

– Ali Pew, fashion director

* Based on an eight-week consumer experience and third-party clinical study conducted on 33 women, ages 35 to 65.




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