The best way to Stop your Nail Polish From Chipping Too Quickly


You may be the most troubled soul on the planet, but you have to show a saint’s patience while painting nails because if you’re not careful, the pretty-looking varnish can peel, nick, crack, and peel off in seconds – and that would be hours so disappointing right ?! This post provides some simple tips on how to prevent your nail polish from flaking too soon. Read on 🙂

1. Polishing the nail bed: Polishing the nail bed has several advantages: it stimulates blood circulation, stimulates nail growth, removes dryness and ridges on the nails, and helps with the smooth application of nail polish so that the polish lasts much longer.
2. Apply a nail polish remover to dry out natural oils: The natural oils and other particles on the nails can prevent the nail polish from properly adhering to the nail bed. So, quickly wiping a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover before applying it will extend the life of the polish.
3. Applying primer: Did we talk about how not to skip a primer before applying the polish as it will make it easier to fill in the ribs and apply it smoother.
4. Avoid applying too much polish in one go: Avoid applying color beads on your nails all at once, as this not only makes the whole thing look messy, but also makes the nail color more prone to chipping.
5. Don’t miss the top coat: the top coat can add shine and shine to the nails and prolong the wear and tear of the paint.
6. Avoid contact with harsh detergents: the chemicals in the detergents can cause the nails to flake off prematurely. Also, avoid dipping your fingers in hot water.
7. Apply thin coats: If applied thickly, the polish is more likely to come off quickly. Apply thin layers, being careful not to put them on the cuticles.
8. Do not shake, just roll: Most importantly, do not shake the paint bottle vigorously, just roll it between your hands to prevent air bubbles from forming and getting caught with the paint which will crack after the layers have dried to lead.
9. Wait 10 minutes between each coat: Nobody stops with just one coat. We all need two or three coats of paint to get an opaque layer. However, wait 10 minutes between each coat so the polish doesn’t look messy.
10. Let the polish dry properly: once we’ve properly painted the nails, we’ll remember important tasks that need to be done right now – from opening the refrigerator to finding snacks to cuddling to the pet! Wait at least 20 minutes for the nail colors to dry properly, then soak them in cold water. You can now return to the routine.

Hope these tips would help you flaunt beautiful nails!

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