Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore’s Feud Escalates — Recap – .


Oh oh! Although Kenya planned to invite Porsha to a surprise event for Cynthia, Porsha’s sister Lauren wasn’t as polite when it came to throwing her own party.

Kenya moors got mad during the episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on January 3rd Porsha Williams‘Sister Lauren invited her to a surprise party for Porsha. Lauren claimed that she didn’t want to risk a fight going on – mostly because Kenya and Porsha aren’t exactly best friends – but Kenya was still mad.

What is funny, however, is that Lauren didn’t want to invite Kenya at all. Cynthia Bailey was the one who asked Lauren if she could bring Kenya as her “plus”. Obviously Lauren was there and happily committed, but after reconsidering she decided to withdraw Kenya’s invitation. And Kenya didn’t find out until she had already done her hair and makeup.

Cynthia was the one who broke the bad news in Kenya, and Kenya almost freaked out when she thought the production knew about the situation before her, but they insisted they only find out what she was. Cynthia asked Kenya not to shoot the messenger so she didn’t, but she said someone would refund her hair and makeup.

Later, at the surprise party that was held in honor of Porsha to celebrate her protest and struggle for social justice, Cynthia presented Pilar with a birthday present – and it was bought by Kenya. Porsha thought it was cute, but at the same time she also agreed that Kenya didn’t necessarily have to be at her party.

And Kandi Burruss agreed because Kenya, after finding out she was excluded from the party, called Kandi and spoke to Porsha about the trash, accusing her of protesting only for the photo ops. “Why is she only being arrested on camera?” Kenya asked.

In other RHOA news Drew Sidora and her husband started therapy together during which he demanded more sex from her. A normal amount for him would be “at least” three times a week, he said. All she needed for a healthy relationship was full transparency – that is, no more surprise trips to Tampa.

And Cynthia finally realized just how hurt she was Mike Hill By not getting fully involved with her wedding date, she eventually agreed to marry him on that day – no matter how big their wedding may be.

Do you want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.




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