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Bella Thorne enjoyed a PDA with boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo during a romantic getaway to Mexico two days after Tana Mongeau broke her up on YouTube.

Bella ThorneThe 23-year-old starts her year 2021 with a romantic vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend, the Italian singer Benjamin MascoloThe love birds were photographed on January 4th on a beach in Tulum where Benjamin was hugging Bella. At one point, the Assassination Nation star started a workout in short shorts and a bikini top, which resulted in a very manageable moment.

Benjamin Mascolo hugs Bella Thorne on a beach in Tulum, Mexico on January 4, 2021. (Image credit: MEGA)

At one point during the workout, Bella held onto Benjamin’s shoulder to balance herself – while he held onto her bum! As you can see, the couple is almost two years old on cloud nine; They also showed PDA in an Instagram post that Bella shared on Instagram on Jan. 2 (see below).

Bella Thorne, Benjamin MascoloBenjamin Mascolo gives Bella Thorne a favor during her beach training session in Mexico. (Image credit: MEGA)

“I’m so proud of you,” raved Bella under the vacation selfies that showed the actress snuggling Benjamin’s nose. The lovers celebrated Benjamin’s new solo album, which he announced on January 2nd during their short vacation in Mexico. “Babeeeeee [heart emoji] 2021 will be our year, ”wrote Benjamin under the cute photos.

Bella rang the doorbell in Tulum on New Years Eve too and seems to be having fun with her ex despite the ongoing drama Tana Mongeau, 23. Exactly one month before Bella’s beach date with Benjamin in Tulum, the Disney Channel alum released a music video called “SBF” (short for the chorus of the song “stupid king b-ch”) that many fans suspected was about Tana .

Throughout the song, Bella accused Tana (without naming her) of using her “for clout” and trying to “mimick” her. Then, on January 2nd, Tana dropped a reaction video titled “Bella Thorne made a TERRIBLE song about me and we reacted to it …”.

Bella split from the famous YouTuber in February 2019 and at the time the split sounded amicable. “I love her forever, don’t twist that. She changed my life forever. I do not want to talk about it. There is no negativity at all, ”Tana tweeted at the time. Fast forward two years later, and Tana promised that she and her friends “will come back with all of our worst stories about Bella Thorne” if her reaction video gets 500,000 “likes.” Bella doesn’t seem to be sweating over the drama, however, as she enjoys her time with Benjamin in Mexico.




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