Madewell MWL Kind Excessive-Rise Leggings Overview


A male friend once asked me why women would rather wear leggings than shorts in the gym. The answer is simple: leggings are super flattering, comfortable enough to be worn for hours on end, and they offer the perfect stretch for a workout. Try as you can, there are no other viable options on the market that multitask as well as a good pair of leggings. When I heard that Madewell, the everyday fundamentals umpire, was launching his very first style, I took the opportunity to try it out.

The high-rise 7/8 legging is part of the brand’s athleisure collection, appropriately referred to as MWL (“Make Weekends Longer”, because who wouldn’t agree?). Let me tell you, every day feels like a Saturday with these bad guys. Made from a blend of recycled nylon and spandex, the leggings have a tight but not overly restrictive compression fit, flatlock seams to prevent chafing, and rebound stretch that is specially designed to maintain the shape of the bottom and fullness withstand activity, whether I’m hanging around at home or picking up OTL from my current eating location (there’s even a hidden cardholder pocket in the waistband!). Madewell’s denim has achieved cult status among the petite for its just the right length, and – at five feet three inches – the crop hits my ankles right where it’s supposed to be. Plus, the fabric is thick and opaque, so I don’t risk my neighbors seeing too much of me.

While the pandemic has certainly changed many things in our lives, leggings are not one of them. Relocating from home has only crystallized it as a defining trend of 2021, henceforth known as the year that comfort brackets were paramount. The $ 65 price tag is also hard to beat, especially considering the cost-per-wear pays off. TBD on when I take them off. Read on to see how I styled them, and shop for them yourself too.




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