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If you’re feeling stressed out, you can pay a licensed professional to help you sort out whatever is happening. But when your skin is stressed it needs to marinate in cortisol, the fight or flight stress hormone that makes your face more prone to redness, dryness, and breakouts in excess. Kraves creamy serum is here with assistance. It has everything a compromised skin barrier needs to be comfortable (ceramides, fatty acids, sterols … you get the essentials). And while therapy can take years, this stuff works in just a few weeks.


Klur Supreme Seed Delicate Cleansing Mask

Clay masks are a dozen! Perhaps the reason they are ubiquitous is because they are so simple – you can even make your own at home. But not Supreme Seed. Klur’s founder and esthetician Lesley Thornton started with kaolin clay, a superfine white powder that was made into porcelain, then turned to angry skin from all angles. This mask has it all: anti-inflammatory agents, antibacterial agents, antioxidants … Sure, it makes the oil less greasy, but dry and combined skin types can also take advantage of the benefits. And boy are there enough.


U Beauty Resurfacing Compound

The kitchen rinse serum: hyaluronic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, retinol, vitamin C and peptides are available in abundance. The [founder] Tina Craig knows her way around really well, because although Resurfacing Compound is full of powerful ingredients, it smooths the skin a lot, but the irritation is very low (read: not present). In fact, Craig recommends a two-week, twice-daily introduction to the serum to get you going before losing weight to once-a-day long-term. And what do you get for all this work? Freakily firm skin that is even textural and tonal. The acids work immediately and the retinols, antioxidants, and peptides build stronger and healthier skin over time.


Subjects faded

Topicals’ Faded appears to have sparked the most formidable heist since The Thomas Crown Affair. The work? Fading stubborn marks of hyperpigmentation. The crew? The Best in Business – Tranexamic Acid, Azelaic Acid and Kojic Acid, Licorice Root, Niacinamide, and Alpha-Arbutin. The catch? These powerful ingredients need to be kicked lightly, as any aggressive movement is a quick path to more spots. With every major raid comes a twist, and Topicals is a bevy of skin relaxants that watch out for irritation. You won’t realize it works until it’s too late.


Allies of the Skin Multi Nutrient & Dioic Renewing Cream

Let’s pour one out for the 2020 outbreaks. Like the murder hornets that haunted our nightmares, this year’s pimples were charged. A difficult-to-treat combination of stress, moisture, and friction resulted in “maskne” which seemed to ignite no matter what you did. That is, unless you had Allies of Skins Multi Nutrient Cream on hand. It treats breakouts gently (with niacinamide and UMF17 + manuka honey), moisturizes, and minimizes redness overnight. With the same slightly acidic pH as your skin, this cream will bring you back into balance.


Rael Miracle Patch Invisible Spot Cover

These are really the most invisible pimple spots on the market. Rael’s design is twice as good as it used to be: a matte, blurry finish and a super thin outer ring that blends seamlessly into the skin. You won’t notice them via zoom, they are barely recognizable in person, and even recognizing their outlines in the photo above is a burden. You could even lose one on your own face overnight. (Unlike concealer, falling asleep in a pimple spot is actually a good thing.) And soon enough, poof! The spot below will also disappear.


Live tinted hat sticks

When Deepica Mutyala demonstrated how red lipstick can lighten and camouflage deep blue-green under-eyes on brown skin tones, her video received over 10 million views. She created Live Tinted’s three original Huestick colors, Origin, Rise and Perk after years of waiting for a less DIY solution. They can be used anywhere but are specially formulated for the delicate, milia-prone skin under the eyes. (Eye safe and also tested by an optometrist.) Sometimes the best way to get what you really want is just to do it yourself.


Range Beauty True Intentions Hydrating Foundation

In all of the Matt versus Dew Hullabaloo, one very important thing seems to have been lost: skin. Do you remember skin You know, not completely dull or damp, naturally glowing skin? Range Beauty does. Their transparent, buildable 21-tone foundation mimics a naturally healthy complexion, so you’ll forget which side you put it on first. It spreads creamy and moisturizing on the skin and then dries out to a silky finish thanks to the kaolin clay. In short, it’s skin in a bottle, not a $ 20 Target Foundation. (Though technically it is exactly what it is.)


Tower 28 1

Tower 28 2

Someday when grandchildren are gathered we will tell stories from the early 21st century. Nobody will believe that lip gloss used to be such a sticky, cloudy mess! Now, if you want to take a look into the future, check out Tower 28’s lip jellies. They result in an (impressively juicy) lacquer finish without frosted pigments, which makes the gloss appear dated. Apricot kernel, avocado, rose hip and raspberry seed oils support every hit with pillow-like moisture that was previously only reserved for balm. Plus, no sticky finish! They are the only luster colors you need, in the only colors you want.


Adwoa Beauty Baomint deep care treatment

Have you ever tried preparing dinner for two picky kids? You wish you could just feed them the same thing, but one hates vegetables and the other is a vegetarian. Hair care is like that too. Adwoa’s Solution: Load up a moisturizing mask with scalp-stimulating mint oils, as well as nutritious ones like coconut, baobab and prickly pear. While the latter group works to repair damaged strands, the former clears up the scalp. (For once, that tingly feeling really means it’s working.) And after flushing, both lengths and roots are happier.


SOTAH oil / cream therapy

Leave-in hair treatments – there are a million of them! And a lot of them are so bad. Too heavy, not moisturizing enough, impressively smelly. But don’t worry, dear reader, the fearless attempts at ITG bring you the goldilocks of hair creams. Mainly made from aloe, the cream is super light like a face lotion, but moisturizing thanks to coconut oil (we’re cool with it again). It doesn’t leave any buildup so you don’t have to worry about a flaky scalp. But maybe the feather on the cap is that the moisture treatment lasts for days. Yes, right there on the bottle it says “daily”, but you can always take it easy.

The numbers

Felicia leather wood 1

Felicia leather wood 2

The best iteration of the comb since the Stone Age, hands down. The genius lies in the flexible teeth that spread out like long plastic fingers when combing through the hair. This way, the comb conforms to the hair (and not the other way around), resulting in fewer torn ends and less overall pulling. It’s like wearing leggings or jeans – more comfortable and forgiving. Curly, wavy, textured hair will particularly benefit from this design, but straight hair can adopt this as well. Let’s face it, we were overdue for a crest development anyway – wasn’t it the first one invented in front of mirrors?


Sunday II Sunday Root Refresh Micellar Rinse

Rome didn’t fall in a day, and neither should your hair – it better lasts at least three, with all the hassle of making it look that way. But stretching a style has to appeal to your scalp. Root Refresh uses micellar oil-absorbing water and antibacterial ACV that cuts through the build-up without exuding shine. Unlike dry shampoo, it actually cleanses. (You’d never dust your cheeks with powder before bed, would you?) People with curly hair can use it, people with protective styles can use it, and if you help it out with a blowdryer, it even works wonders on fine, straight hair .


The established Elixa bath and body serum

Body oils are inherently luxurious to the touch, but the best ones vary between pure enjoyment and practicality. Take Elixa, for example. The uncomplicated opening cap, the 8-ounce bottle and the quickly absorbed oils make it suitable for everyday use. (The price is under $ 30.) But the chic, minimalist packaging looks far more expensive than it is, and inside you’ll find cameline oil, a rich source of anti-inflammatory fatty acids usually reserved for facial products. Rave reviews cite soothing eczema and fewer keratosis pilaris bumps with regular use.


Mischo Beauty nail polish

Look, we wouldn’t blame you for buying mixed polishes just for packaging. But if you’ve ever stood in front of a nail polish display, puzzled and indecisive, you should know – this stuff is the antidote. The range of processed hues includes every color you need, not a bottle anymore: the perfect vampire red, the perfect sheer pink, the perfect neutral beige. Coupled with the fact that it is vegan, cruelty free, and safe to use with the bathroom door closed, choosing a color is the easiest decision you will make all day.


Gilded the marble candle

What we now call sustainable shopping used to be a basic expectation. And this candle is reminiscent of a time when you didn’t just throw things away – the packaging of a product was beautiful, well made and designed for a long life. Choose your unique favorite vessel (an object made of marble, rose quartz or onyx) and a mix-and-matching fragrance. Then, once it’s blown, buy packet free columns of wax to fall into the metal lining and start over. The fact that it’s pretty is obvious; That every scent successfully fills a room is just an added bonus.




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