Impartial Filmmaker Undertaking (IFP) To Rebrand As The Gotham Movie & Media Institute (Or The Gotham)


Starting today, get ready to rebrand the Independent Film Project under a new name. Usually known as IFP, they will now rename themselves. IFP will now be known as The Gotham Film & Media Institute, also known as The Gotham. Coupled with the 30th anniversary of the Gotham Awards and the celebration of the milestone, The Gotham will now be what the group will call it. January 11th is the official date for the award ceremony. This is the big reveal of the new name. See the following press release for some additional details.

Here is the press release from the Executive Director of Gotham Film & Media Institute, Jeff Sharp:

Good Morning,

For over forty years, IFP has worked to advance the groundbreaking, enduring, and challenging culture of independent film.

During that time we have grown from a base market to a year-round organization with an annual conference, awards, labs, membership community and a mandate to support storytellers across a wider range of media.

On the way, we also outgrew our brand.

To better support our mission – and a growing role in the film and media community – we use the 30th annual Gotham Awards to simplify and strengthen our own identities.

Starting January 11th, IFP will be the Gotham Film & Media Institute, also known as The Gotham.

As a friend and supporter, we wanted to let you know about the change, but more importantly, why we’re making it. To explain more, we thought we’d put it in the words of some of the many people who made this organization what it is today:

Click here for a short video introducing our new brand.

I would also like to personally thank you for all of your support over the years and reminding you that the 30th Annual Gotham Awards will be streamed live on our Facebook page on January 11th at 8 p.m. EST.

Hope to see you there!

With best regards,

Jeff Sharp
Managing Director of the Gotham Film & Media Institute

Stay tuned for more about The Gotham!




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