16 Yr Outdated Atlanta Lady SHOT TO DEATH; After Leaking ‘Scared’ Twerk Video!!


Kalecia Williams, 16, was found bleeding in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta just the day after Christmas, MTO News confirmed. The teenage girl was taken to a local hospital where she died of a gunshot wound in the vaginal area.

Now her family is looking for answers – how WHAT happened, WHY and WAS THE YOUNG GIRL POSTED?

Kalecia, who attended Crawford W Long Middle School, was like any American teenager. She loved to watch Tiktok videos, dance, hang out with friends, and try on makeup.



When she asked her parents to go to a party with a group of friends, they didn’t think about it. Hours later, Kalecia was shot and killed in the vaginal area.

Atlanta police said she and a teenager were alone in a hotel room at the time of the shooting. Investigators said the two were acquaintances and could have argued.

The teenager was arrested. He is also on charges of sexual assault, crime, assault, reckless behavior and the possession of a gun by anyone under the age of 18. He was sent to the Metro Youth Prison.

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But the family still has many questions about Kaleica’s death, including – How did she get from the hotel room to the lobby? The family believe Kalecia may have been set up and dragged into the lobby by those who set it up.

The family suspects that other girls were at the hotel with Kaleica and were involved in their murder. They’re also concerned that the 16-year-old teen may have been started by one of their friends.

And MTO News received a video suggesting that killing may have more to offer. In one video, Kaleica can be seen in this hotel room just the day before her death. And she was with one of her friends.

Her mother believes several girls attended the “party” and may have been there at the time of the shooting.

And there is more. Just a few hours before she was killed, Kalecia leaked this video of her twerk dance. At the end of the video something happens that scares Kalecia – she seems startled and jumps back.

MTO News has made the editorial decision not to publish the twerking video, which shows the underage Kalecia in a very unflattering light.

But Kalecia’s family members saw the video – and they believe it contains evidence that could help answer questions about her death.

MTO News reached out to the Atlanta Police Department for comment. So far they have not responded to our request.




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