Honey Boo Boo ‘Sill’ Dwelling With Sister Pumpkin After Mother’s Arrest – .


Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon gave an update on the life situation of Honey Boo Boo in a new Instagram post shortly after her mum mom June celebrated 11 months of sobriety.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” ThompsonThe 15-year-old stays with her sister. Honey Boo Boo alum’s older sister comes here LaurynPumpkin ”ShannonThe 21-year-old announced that they are still living together while replying to a fan on her Instagram post on Jan. 4.

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“Is Alana back with her mother or her father? I haven’t seen her with a pumpkin lately, ”the fan asked under the pumpkin photo, in which the reality TV star posed with her husband Joshua Efird and her two year old daughter Ella Grace at Walt Disney World. Pumpkin wrote back, “She’s still with me.”

The update on her life situation comes almost two years after Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin’s mother, Mama JuneThe 41-year-old was arrested in March 2019 for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. At the premiere of the family’s reality television show, which was renamed Family Crisis in March 2020, viewers learned that Mama June disappeared after her arrest.

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The fans watched as Mama June and her boyfriend did Geno Doak went on to check into rehab on the show and learn about their addiction to cocaine, which they admitted to spending $ 150,000 on. The couple are happy and sober now!

Mama June, Honey Boo Boo, PumpkinHoney Boo Boo, Pumpkin and Mama June are pictured above. Mama June has two other daughters: Anna and Jessica. (Image credit: MEGA)

Just a few days before the doorbell in 2021, Mama June announced in an Instagram post that she and Geno were “celebrating 11 months clean and sober”. Mama June also announced that she is only a month away from her “dream” of working in a rehab facility.

In the run-up to this big announcement, we also learned what Mama June’s life is like now on her healing journey. “Your life is very much about recovery, it’s one day at a time, but so good so far,” a source said ONLY ONLY HollywoodLife in November 2020. “She’s making a lot of positive changes inside so it was a great blessing to have this makeup on and to see it reflected on the outside too. She looks really good, everyone is very happy that she is doing so well, her family is overjoyed. Everyone is praying that she will stay on this path, they don’t want to lose her. “




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