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The 10 secrets to keep your photos looking glamorous every time don’t include airbrushing, Photo Lab, or clicking your pictures in popular photo editing apps. We all want to feel like a #Nofilter in a picture of us that turns out to be absolutely amazing, don’t we? Well, here are a few secrets that will look amazing in every selfie and picture of you.

1. Look at the lighting and the background: natural light is the best light for clicking pictures outdoors. Both dark and too much bright light can spoil the picture and highlight your imperfections. The best time to click a picture outdoors is in the early morning and afternoon. Also, look for pretty backgrounds, or even a white wall, or something artistic, anything that catches your eye.

2. Get it right: This depends entirely on your choice. You can fake a walk by putting one leg in front of the other. If you prefer to stand, cross your legs. Do not stand straight in front of the camera. When you are seated, cross your legs. Whatever the pose, remember to keep your posture straight.

3. Invisible heels: Even if you wear flats, you can look a little bigger in pictures. All you have to do is stand on your toes like you’re wearing heels to add extra inches to your pictures.

4. Know Your Best Side: Some people love to click pictures from the left, while others like close-ups of the right side of their face. Knowing your best side is a matter of practice and experimentation. Click and study many photos to find out which side brings out the most beautiful version of you.

5. Click on pictures from different angles: It is seldom flattering to look straight at the camera. It is best to make an angle of 25 degrees with the camera. To do this, turn your body three quarters towards the camera. Cross your legs. Even if you don’t want to cross your legs, just bend one of them to break up the shape.

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6. Wear the right clothes: If you want to look glamorous, wear pictures that will make you look and feel confident. If you’re short, wear vertical stripes and thin borders. If you want to look slimmer, go for darker colors. If you’re too thin, wear lighter colors and horizontal stripes. When wearing a loose shirt dress, wear a belt to accentuate your waist.

7. A little makeup can work wonders: Even a little makeup done right can work wonders to highlight your favorite images. For a more natural look, apply concealer only to blemishes, imperfections, and shaded areas. Apply a BB cream to even out your skin tone. When you apply mascara to your lashes and tighten your eyes, they appear bigger and more alert. Wearing a brightly colored lipstick will pop your face. Add a warm blush to your cheeks for a natural glow.

8. Style your hair: when your hair has gone limp and flat, flip it over and brush your strands with your fingers. This gives the hair some volume, you can also tease the hair with a brush to get more volume. For added texture and dimension, pull your hair into a loose bun. Just before the picture is clicked, take it out and splash some dry shampoo. Also, try taming picture outliers by applying some dry oil or cream products.

9. To stop blinking in photos: If you tend to blink in photos, close your eyes for a few seconds, then slowly open them just before the picture is clicked. When clicking under bright light, try this trick – close your eyes and face to the light source for 4-5 seconds with your eyes closed. Then look towards the camera and open your eyes. This prevents them from being half closed in pictures. When applying makeup, apply darker colors to your crease and lighter ones to the browbones and the white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes.

10. Be Confident: Always be confident. This will be reflected in your pictures. And if you’re not very sure, you can always fake it. Raise an eyebrow slightly. This expression also enhances its shape and makes your face stand out in pictures. I personally love this trick because it works for me every time and it makes me look more confident. Smile naturally or grin easily. Don’t forget that your eyes show your confidence.

11. Get rid of that double chin: have you noticed how a double chin magically appears in some of your pictures? To avoid the dreaded double chin, elongate your neck and slide your face forward a little. Don’t forget to tilt your chin down slightly.

12. Avoid SPF makeup products to avoid images appearing in that dreaded white cast.

13. Make Your Arms Look Toned With This Pose: We’ve all mastered those hands on the hip pose, but do you know that with a little dexterity, this pose can make your arms look tighter? For this pose, place one arm on your waist and push it back a little so that the elbow is behind you and does not line up with your hip. After clicking the picture, remember to thank us for the look with toned arms.

14. Smile with your eyes: The Duchenne smile, popular with Tyra Banks, is the “natural and happy” version of a smile that also helps to exude positivity and reduce stress. The best part is that you can’t fake that type of smile and it takes positive thoughts for it to happen. To master this type of smile, channel your positive thoughts, blink a little, and smile like you are really happy. This type of smile should start from your lips and reach your eyes, creating crow’s feet near the corners of your eyes. Just don’t worry about the crow’s feet and laugh lines as they lead to amazing images.

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