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Tiger Woods’ fame almost cost him his relationship with his future wife, according to HBO’s new ‘Tiger’ documentary about the life of the golf legend.

Tiger Woods “Didn’t make a big impression” on his future wife Elin Nordegren, claimed one of her friends in the first part of HBO’s new documentary about the champion golfer. In fact, the star’s fame was so daunting for the Swede that she initially “turned him down” when he first asked.

writer Sandra Sobieraj Westfall appeared in the first episode of the two-part Tiger documentary and used her friendship with the golfer’s now ex-wife to explain why the shy former nanny finally agreed to date the superstar.

Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren were married for six years before their divorce in 2010. (MEGA)

“Elin told me he didn’t really impress her at first,” Westfall said of the 41-year-old blonde in the documentary, which premiered on Jan. 10. “She had her opinion on celebrities and they were.” not high. And she’s very shy, so the idea of ​​joining this world didn’t appeal to her. And when he questioned her, she must have turned him down first. “

Elin, who was working for one of Tiger’s pro-golf colleagues when they met at the Noughties, eventually agreed to meet the Californian native. “[Then] She gradually became convinced that she should give him a chance, and so they ran out, ”Westfall said.

Tiger Woods The life story of Woods is told in the HBO documentaries “Tiger”. (Courtesy HBO)

Eventually, she learned to deal with attention, Elin’s friend said in the document. “She said the hardest part was adjusting to the spotlight that followed him. But Tiger protected Elin very lovingly. She said it felt special, ”Westfall said. “Ironically, the spotlight that put them off first suddenly connected them; Kind of us against the world. It was just the two of them and she believed it was all. “Elin and Tiger finally married in 2004 on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

The first installment of the HBO documentaries portrays the 45-year-old legend’s life from the beginning, when he wowed the local media with his golfing skills as a barely diapered toddler until his marriage to Elin and his father’s death. Earl Woods. It was Earl, who died in 2006 at the age of 74, who recognized his son’s talent and led the boy from a child prodigy to a golf megastar.

Friends who knew the Woods family in the early days reported in the documentary of the full extent of Tiger’s parents’ devotion to his career. Despite old news suggesting that he was obsessed with the game as a kid, Tiger was a kindergarten teacher Maureen Decker said the shy little boy actually wanted to enjoy other activities.

“One day Tiger opened up and he asked me to ask his father if he could play other sports besides golf, and I told him I …” said Ms. Decker of the future professional who remains to this day 82 PGA Tour has victories under his belt. “I said I thought it would be nice if Tiger could do other sports, but Mr. Woods said he had to focus on his golf game.”

Earl Woods, Tiger Woods Tiger with his late father, Earl Woods, who died in 2006. (MEGA)

That determination to keep Tiger focused on his golf career continued well into his college years, he says Dina Parr, his first girlfriend. She started dating him when they were both in high school, said the blonde in the documentary, which showed old photos of the former couple cuddling and partying together. But Dina admitted that she didn’t believe Tiger’s mother (Kultida Woods) and dad agreed to the romance.

“Earl and Tida, they had this image of who he should be and I think they were worried about me because I sure didn’t fit in,” she said. “I felt that your plans would create this robot.”

Dina claimed that Tiger broke up with her abruptly and broke their relationship out of the blue by sending her a brief letter saying he felt “used and manipulated” by her and that he “never” wanted to “speak” or hear “from her again. “It was horrible. We were in this three-year relationship …” his ex said after reading the contents of the handwritten letter on the screen. “I play this day over and over in my head.”

Sam Woods, Elin NordegrenElin with Sam, the oldest of her two children with Tiger Woods. (AP pictures)

When Tiger was married to Elin, it was not his all-consuming devotion to golf that dissolved them, but his multiple affairs. They divorced in 2010 after six years of marriage and two children – Sam and Charlie (now 13 or 11) – together.

That half of Tiger’s life (when his squeaky clean picture went up in flames) will be saved for the second and final installment of HBO’s documentary. In the meantime, the golfer’s ex-lover Rachel Uchitel indicated what is to come by saying in the last shot of Part 1: “OK. So what should I talk about? “She spills it all in the second and final installment of Tiger, which will air on HBO on Sunday, January 17 at 9:00 p.m. ET and also be available on HBO Max.




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