34 Newest And New Sankranthi Rangoli Designs For 2021


During Makar Sankranti / Pongal, many states in India celebrate harvest time by making rangoli in new designs outside of their homes. The first harvest that day is used to feed family members and neighbors. On this day the spring time begins. Rangoli designs can be made in a variety of shapes using many light colored powders.

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Makar Shankranti will be celebrated on January 15, 2021. On this day, many houses will be decorated with flowers and rangoli motifs on their doorstep. Also known as “Muggu” by the locals in South India, they have lavishly designed rangoli outside of their homes and sometimes inside.

These rangoli are screaming and they are colorful and often decorated with flowers, diya, and props like sugar cane, legumes, rice, etc. that are harvested for the season.

Muggu’s or rangoli’s are generally made by designing a series of points in patterns to create elaborate and creative designs. Simple rangoli designs with dots are the most common muggus practiced by girls.

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Sankranthi Rangoli Designs for 2021

Many rangoli competitions of different types of designs are held every year to find the most creative sankranthi rangoli designs. In some states of southern India, these competitions are also held for a month, with women and young girls creating a new design every day.

Latest Sankranthi Rangoli designsSource: blogspot.com

To welcome the harvest season, women and young girls are creating brightly colored rangoli designs depicting harvesting with dot rangoli designs within the color and flower rangoli designs. Below is one such picture.

Sankranthi Rangoli DesignsSource: blogspot.com

Another product that is harvested during this festival is sugar cane. Most of the rangoli designs for this festival in Andhra Pradesh have sugar cane as a decorative element.

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Sankranthi Pot Rangoli DesignsSource: blogspot.com

With all of the prayers addressed to various gods to make sure the harvest goes smoothly, people also draw figures of gods and goddesses in hopes of being showered with their best blessings.

Sankranthi haridasSource: blogspot.com

When a group of women come together who are talented and love their culture and festival, this is what the end rangoli design would look like. Who said too many cooks spoil the broth?

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Sankranthi RangoliSource: blogspot.com

As mentioned earlier, sugar cane is an important product this festival season.

Pongal Pot Rangoli DesignsSource: blogspot.com

This design speaks for itself. We wouldn’t want to use words to spoil the finesse.

Pongal RangoliSource: blogspot.com

Can we say that the colorful vibes helped make this rangoli design for Sankranti the best?

Pongal Pot RangoliSource: blogspot.com

A typical rangoli design for Sankranti in Andhra would look something like this.

Rangoli designs for SankranthiSource: wikimedia.org

When we talked about Dot Rangoli Design, you all may not have understood. However, this is a typical point rangoli design.


Sankranthi Pot RangoliSource: sulekhalive.com

This Muggulu design seems difficult, of course. You might have trouble deciding where to start, but once you know the talent it can get easy.

Pongal RangoliSource: allindiaresults2016.in

There’s something about this that gets your attention. Reminds us more of a mehendi design. Do you think so too?

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Sankrati RangoliSource: blogspot.com

Dragons, pleasant weather, sugar cane, harvest – what a perfect festival illusion.

Pongal Rangoli DesignsSource: blogspot.com

The holy cow is prayed and the first harvests are fed. This is exactly what this Rangoli shows. Beautiful, is not it?

Sankranthi Festival RangoliSource: ikolam.com

Impressive! This requires a very, very fine hand.

Rangoli designs for SankranthiSource: blogspot.com

This is another design for Rangoli screaming Sankranti festival.

Pongal RangoliSource: ikolam.com

As I said, it is a women-oriented festival and therefore women faces are a common sight in the rangoli designs.

Sanskarnti RangoliSource: pinterest.com

A good hand? Then Sankranthi Muggulu seems extremely easy and quick to prepare.

Sanskarnti MugguluSource: rangolidesigns.co.in

This is one of our favorites. See how the whole Sankranti is represented in the shape of a rangoli. Real indoor Sankranti Rangoli design. Are you trying that someone?

Pongal Rangoli DesignsSource: pinterest.comSankranti Rangoli DesignsSource: facebook.com

A simple but trippy rangoli design, right?

Sankranthi Rangoli with linesSource: pinterest.com

Let’s talk more about professional rangoli designs and this one would no doubt win.

Sankranthi Lines RangoliSource: rangolidesign.in

Stare at it for a while and your eyes will trick you again and again.

Pongall lines RangoliSource: pinterest.com

We are now leaving you with more Rangoli designs to draw inspiration from.

Pongal Rangoli with linesSource: youtube.com

Sankranthi Muggulu in holy colors, what more could you ask for?

Sankranti Rangoli DesignsSource: facebook.com

Another detail of Muggu Designs with only two colors – white and red. Noble, right?

Ratham Rangoli designs with dotsSource: ikolam.com

A chariot made with the Sankranthi Muggulu points says the house believes in the festival wholeheartedly.

Rathasapthami Rangoli DesignsSource: ikolam.com

Another car design for Sankranthi.

Ratham Rangoli DesignsSource: ikolam.comRatham RangoliSource: ikolam.comRatham Rangoli DesignsSource: blogspot.comRathasapthami RangoliSource: blogspot.comRathan Kalash RangoliSource: rangolidesign.inRatham RangoliSource: wordpress.com

Get inspiration from cute and simple rangoli designs for Sankranthi this year! Have fun with colors and kites. Also, don’t forget to mention below which design worked well when you tried it out!




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