Supreme x Nike Air Max Goadome: They’re Snakeskin Supreme Nikes


The Nike Air Max Goadome sneaker boot has long been a great winter choice among sneakerheads. The shoe, which looks like Timberland’s iconic 6-inch boot tucked upside down into a Nike Air Max, has been around for over two decades. Along the way, it received a special status for combining urban vibe and ruggedness outdoors with a stylish touch. And for the latest silhouette release, streetwear Juggernaut Supreme has taken the sneaker boot to a new, more dressed-up level.

Courtesy of Supreme x Nike Goadome

A Nike designed by Supreme always has an eccentric twist. Whether that means an ultra-luxurious $ 500 version of the Air Max 95 or a flame-decked dad sneaker, the New York-based label isn’t afraid to just give it a try. This season, that means dressing up the durable Air Max Goadome with an embossed snakeskin pattern and a thick rubber outsole.

Courtesy of Supreme x Nike GoadomeCourtesy Supreme x Nike GoadomeCourtesy of Supreme x Nike Goadome

The sneaker boot was made exclusively for Supreme and is available in two colors: bright brick red with a black sole and a quieter black option. All the toughness of the shoe remains.

Courtesy Supreme x Nike GoadomeCourtesy Supreme x Nike GoadomeCourtesy of Supreme x Nike Goadome

The robust upper material protects your feet from the elements and the padded high-top collar offers plenty of comfort and support for your ankles. Additionally, the rubber outsole has an aggressive stud pattern for extra traction and a stylish, rugged look. It’s all just, you know – snakeskin.

Courtesy of Supreme x Nike Goadome

The Nike Air Max Goadome is a unique, perfect blend of form and function. It’s outdoors enough to handle serious weather and is city approved. The highest level-up – the funky materials and of course the logos – is more than enough to turn it into a certifiable hit. It falls on January 14th and is ready to be one of those sneakers everyone will be excited about during the coldest months of the year. And that’s no small thing – even for Supreme.




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