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“My name is Erin Allweiss (@erinallweiss) and I am the co-founder of a media relations agency called No. 29. We represent sustainable fashion brands, artists, organizations and products, and we focus on making a positive impact on the planet (and sometimes the Includes fighting bad people). The best part of my job is that I can learn from my brilliant clients every day. They are at the forefront of their respective industries and I am so happy that my team and I can be an extension of their work. In my most stressful moments, I remember that working with these incredible people is a privilege. I went to the Brazilian Amazon with Veja to see them make sneakers while protecting the rainforest and marched down 5th Avenue with For Freedoms in a cloak.

I grew up in New Orleans’ blonde beauty debutante and struggled with my Jewish locks and thick brows. I loved fashion, but beauty just felt terrible, exhausting and synonymous with fit. I ironed my hair flat and tried highlights which resulted in a terrible orange situation. My mom told me not to touch my browbones, but I ripped the shit out of them anyway. 10 years ago I thought I needed longer lashes and gave Latisse a try, ignoring the risk that it could change the color of your eyes. Mine turned green more than brown! It took me until my 30s to learn to work with what I have. The best advice I can share is to just lean, accent, and not fight how you look.

For a good start to the morning, I take Seed’s Synbiotic together with Wooden Spoon Herbs’ Herbal Coffee, which I got from CAP Beauty. It’s one of my favorite beauty shopping destinations – I totally trust founder Kerrilynn Pamer’s curation. I also like to have a cup of Alaya biodynamic tea. My dear friend Esha Chhabra started the line, and while I love each variety, my favorites are Chamomile, Tulsi, and Darjeeling First Flush. I also take Gossamer’s Dawn tincture in the morning, a combination of CBD and THCV. Alex Capano is the genius behind the formulations and she has her first PhD in cannabinoid science.

I have very dry skin, but I also break out, so I change my detergent depending on the season. I currently use Face Reality’s Ultra Gentle Cleanser mornings and evenings, which my facial therapist Diane Higgins made me aware of. I saw her nine years ago and she changed my skin and my life. I think I got 15 of my friends to see her too. I call her the skin whisperer. Not only do I follow all of her recommendations, I also use the products she makes in her farm slash pharmacist upstate. After washing my face, I use Diane’s eye cream and her Balancing Facial Oil, which is remarkable. It feels so good. If my skin is particularly dry, I mix a few drops with its flower cream and then always use sunscreen. I discovered I had melasma when I was 27, but it was a blessing in disguise because after growing up in the southern sun I was forced to take sunscreen seriously. Tizo tinted mineral sunscreen is the only sunscreen that won’t break me – it just sits like a protective layer on my skin. Then I add either Diane’s lip balm or a tinted Henné Organics balm. It’s super nutritious even though it has some color.

I moved to Prospect Lefferts Gardens three days before the lockdown. It’s been an interesting year building a new home, but I’m so grateful to have Prospect Park for a front yard. Every morning I go for an hour, sometimes accompanied by (masked, responsibly distant) friends. I’m a runner and I still do, but there is only one thing to run. I also do yoga a few times a week – I’m so grateful to Maria Cutrona and Danielle Rosati – and my team and I also work with the A Second U Foundation. I hate the term exercise because it sounds like a chore, but daily exercise is critical to my wellbeing. Without her, I turn into a moody monster.

I have curly or wavy hair depending on the humidity, so I stick to ultra-moisturizing products. Additionally, I always turn to my brilliant beauty editor, Jayme Cyk. At the moment I am using Christophe Robin’s regeneration shampoo with prickly pear, volume conditioner with rose extracts and regeneration mask. I also use Leonor Greyl’s hair treatment and love the Crown Affair silk hair ties, comb and hair oil. I really want to cut all my hair and just go for it, but friends who read this are probably laughing – I have a psychological aversion to cutting my hair. An inch feels like a foot! I dream of the day that I can fuck it and cut it all off. I’ve done my own nails thanks to COVID. I get stuck in the queue when using Odeme Polish, which I discovered with regular visitors to Brooklyn.

After my walk or run, I repeat my morning routine, then add an under-eye concealer and blush, both from the Westman Atelier. Sometimes I also use Eminence Organics Mineral Powder in Honey Apple which smells nice. It is perfect when you are like me and hate feeling something on your skin. Then I curl my eyelashes. I rarely use mascara these days, but when I do Milk Kush this is the only mascara I’ve ever used that doesn’t irritate my eyelids – they are so sensitive! I brush my brows with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel and add a red lip to it. Damn it, I love a red lip. Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate is my favorite, and I recently went to Kosas Reds. I often thoughtlessly put on lipstick before reaching for my face mask, which is not the cleanest choice. Finally, I choose an Ormaie fragrance based on my mood. Ormaie is a remarkable organic, sustainable perfume brand from a mother-and-son duo. They use natural ingredients, recycled glass, and carved and regenerative wood panels. In addition, the bottles are simply beautiful design objects. All of them are tender and interesting, but Paper Carbone and Le Passant are my current staples.

At night my routine is pretty simple. I wash my face with a Clarisonic that I just discovered has gone off. [Ed note: she’s right] Oh! Then when my skin feels like it has had a boost, I’ll put on a Diane Higgins mask. Your new Pumpkin Power Peel is fantastic – it tingles, smells good and my skin feels alive. Then I put on a Retinol Green Cream, which does not require a prescription but is still effective, and I put on too much regenerating facial oil. I am really a sucker for face oil. Sometimes I work in one of Amalthea’s, a wonderful little organic line from Paris.

To relax and get a proper sleep, I swear by Gossamer’s Dusk tincture, which uses CBD and CBN. I need to call out Rose Delights that everyone should have access to during these troubled times. I envy the Californians. “

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