10 Distinctive Kite Craft Concepts For Sankranti 2021 In India


Makar Sankranti / Pongal is an auspicious festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion. As every year, it is celebrated on January 15th. This festival heralds the arrival of harvest time and is popular in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The first day of harvest is observed by feeding family and friends. On this day, many houses welcome the new season by preparing special delicacies and creating beautiful rangoli designs.

Food preparation during Sankranti:

Sankranti is also a special day to learn about traditional delicacies. The day is packed with large meals inspired by traditional farm produce from the various states of India. A common ingredient among the various cuisines is sesame or mustard oil. This oil is used to make a range of sweets such as Til Ladoos, Paatishaapta, and Rewari.

  • The Til Ladoos Sankranti Festival is also the harvest time of sesame seeds, so it is widely used during the celebrations. Til Ladoos remain a popular traditional sweet delicacy served in almost all Indian households.
  • Paatishaapta – a special Bengali delicacy, a sweet crepe or pancake, served with a mixture of coconut, date palm jaggery and khoya.
  • Rewari- is a candy made with sesame seeds dipped in sugar. It is a special Punjabi dish that is served during Makar Sankranti.

Sankranti Kite Festival:

This special day is also reserved for flying numerous colorful kites. The sky is full of kites that are characterized by unique designs and vibrant hues. Hang gliding is practiced by both children and adults with equal enthusiasm.

Top 10 Sankranti Kite Craft Ideas:

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve put together some great craft ideas for the Sankranti house. Look here:

1. Dragon craft with drinking straws:

Things you need:

  • 2 craft paper in A4 format in contrasting colors
  • Scissors, pencil, scales
  • Cord – about a meter long
  • Pieces of colored paper ribbons for the tail & decoration


  • Lay the two sheets of paper on top of each other. Fold the sheets in half along the longer edges.
  • Cut along the folded edges and draw a line.
  • Cut along the edges to make an elongated diamond shape.
  • Use the cut triangles for decoration purposes.
  • Cut out the straws and glue them in first horizontally and then vertically.
  • Use a cotton thread through the vertical straw.
  • Tie it in a triangle.
  • Decorate the edge with paper ribbons or other preferred designs.

Dragon craft with drinking strawsSource: marthastewart.com

2. Kite Craft with colored designs:

What will you need:


  • Take a piece of paper and cut it out in the shape of a dragon (outline with a pencil if necessary).
  • Then paint your desired design.
  • Use a different white paper to paint a different design.
  • After the paper dries, use a hole punch to make a small hole in the lower corner of the kite.
  • Cut a long piece of yarn and tie it around the hole.
  • Take the other painted sheet and cut out arch-shaped designs.
  • Starting at the top of the kite line, tie the yarn around each line as you work your way down the line.

Kite Craft with colored designsSource: inspirationbythis.com

3. Mini Kite Craft Designs:

What will you need:

  • Coordinating craft paper (any 8.5 x 11 inch paper)
  • Paper straws (2 per kite)
  • String or string for the kite string (at least 25-30 ″ long)
  • Light twine, string, or ribbon for the kite’s tail (at least 20 inches long)
  • Elmer’s X-treme School glue stick


  • Choose two colored papers and cut both in half along the longest edge.
  • Coat the back of one sheet with glue and place the other color on top. Flatten the side with no edges.
  • Pull out a ruler to measure and mark a point at the top and bottom of your paper at 2.75.
  • Connect the four markers and draw lines to make the dragon shape.
  • Cut a piece of the string and tie one end to a paper straw.
  • Take the second straw and cut it into three equal pieces.
  • You will need to clip one end of the string to the center of a paper straw to act as a dragon handle.
  • Apply glue to the knot so that the string has a firm grip on the handle.
  • Place the side of the kite that you want on the bottom.
  • Use a ruler and pencil and join the corners to draw a cross.
  • Press a bead of craft glue along the cross.
  • Place the straws in the glue to shape your kite frame and let the glue dry for a few minutes.
  • Cut a long piece of light tape to create the kite tail. Thread it through the long straw and secure it with glue.
  • Tie some ribbons to the tail with glue. You can use glitter glue too.

Mini Kite Craft DesignsSource: momsandcrafters.com

4.Kite Craft with Pasta Designs:

What will you need:


  • Break the spaghetti into the sides of the kite.
  • Glue them together on a kite-shaped plain paper.
  • Make a no-frills line with the glue and attach the string to it.
  • Paint all the pasta with a brush (can also be done before gluing).
  • Paint the inside of the dragon along with the spaghetti pasta.

Kite Craft With Pasta DesignsSource: craftymorning.com

5.Kite Craft with plastic bag:

What will you need:


  • Tie a piece of the embroidery thread to the handles of the bag.
  • Try not to hold the handles too long.

Kite Craft With Plastic BagSource: spinsandneedles.com

6. Dragon craft with crepe paper:

What will you need:

  • Paper bag with cord handles
  • Long strips of crepe paper or streamers


  • Cut the crepe paper into a small strip.
  • Secure the crepe strips to the bottom of the bag with the tape.
  • Tie some of the kitchen twine through the handles of the bag (optional).

7. Stained Glass Kite Craft for Sankranti:

What will you need:


  • Cut ½ frames of each kite out of a 12 × 8 sheet of black construction paper.
  • Peel off a 12 × 8 sheet of clear contact paper and place it with the sticky side up.
  • Carefully place a black frame on each sheet of contact paper.
  • Lay two strips vertically to connect the opposite corners.
  • Then fill in the four dragon areas with tissue paper squares.
  • Once the kites are completely filled with the tissue paper, apply a second sheet of clear contact paper.
  • Use scissors to cut off the excess plastic from the kites.

8. Dragon craft with popsicles:

What will you need:

  • 1 sheet of colored tissue paper
  • Glitter, stickers or other decorations (optional)
  • Color markers, colored pencils or colored pencils (optional)


  • Make a diamond shape out of four popsicles.
  • Dab glue over each end of the stick. Then glue the diamond shape together. Let it dry.
  • Place a piece of tissue paper on the flat bottom and place the glued popsicle diamond on top of the tissue paper.
  • Use a pencil to lightly draw the popsicle diamond.
  • Decorate the tissue paper diamond in any design.
  • Glue on some glitter or decorate it with stickers, colored markers, colored pencils or colored pencils.
  • Cut out tissue paper diamonds along the pencil line.
  • Glue the tissue paper diamond to the popsicle with glue.
  • Attach a long piece of ribbon or twine to the lower corner of the kite’s tail.
  • Make sure the kite’s tail is at least three times the length of the kite’s body.

Dragon craft with popsicleSource: activekids.com

9. Dragon craft with skewers:

What will you need:

  • Skewers or simple straws


  • Use a square piece of paper to shape the kite’s body.
  • Fold the paper in half diagonally.
  • Fold the paper well and open it again.
  • Place your skewers vertically in the center of the fold and glue them in place. Let it line up on the corner of your papers.
  • Place your second skewer horizontally on the paper and make a T-shaped cross.
  • Place four small holes next to the junction of the stick.
  • Cut out 3 or 4 long kite cords and tie 3 knots on the kite.
  • Decorate the main part of the kite with your preferred design.

Dragon craft with skewersSource: hdwalle.com

10. Dragon craft with paper plates:

What will you need:

  • Stickers / crayons / pencils / colored pencils (for decorating)


  • Cut a circle out of the paper plate.
  • Glue some long colored ribbons to the bottom of the plate.
  • Decorate the top of the plate with stickers, paints or colored pencils.
  • Get your suction dart and either hot glue it to the bottom of the plate or glue it in place. This is the handle used to hold the kite.
  • Hold the stick and keep running. Watch the ribbons pour out of your kite’s back.

Have fun with the colors, designs and kite flying. And mention below which pongal craft ideas you’d like to try out.

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