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Kevin Nair and his team were serving a large customer of a beauty company in Malaysia with network VPN services when its owners asked several times, “Do you know how to write software to help us run it?”

Though Kevin did nothing at the time, he thought about it and found that there actually was a loophole for systems targeting the beauty services industry.

“There were a lot of POS systems around at the time, but mostly for F&B use cases that are very different from the beauty and wellness industries,” he recalled from Vulcan Post.

When he saw such an opportunity, he knew he and his team at Aoikumo had to seize it.

Catering to underserved industries

“One of the biggest hurdles for companies at the time was restricting centralized access to their customers’ data.”

Kevin continued, “That is, if a customer purchased a package from Branch A and wants to go to Branch B to redeem, there is no way to do it. Cloud adoption was also low at the time and we were the first Malaysian provider to the industry with a full cloud service. “

Now, with the pandemic, the pain points have changed a bit. During COVID-19, Kevin found that businesses providing personal services were struggling to sell online.

The introduction of the B2C Webstore module in March shortly before MCO was a timely step back then. With Webstore, companies can sell their services from their own website while Aoikumo does the invoicing, package control, reporting, etc.

“At the same time, there were weaknesses after the MCO like social distancing. In a matter of days, we rolled out automatic customer registration, which enables companies to send registration links to new customers via WhatsApp, ”said Kevin.

“Customers can register from home and on their device, reducing the amount and being touched at the front desk.”

Movement into the medical sphere

Aoikumo’s system was not suitable for the medical industry as it was more focused on the beauty system. Strangely enough, they noticed that a large number of medical customers had used their system anyway.

“After doing a lot of research, we found that their pain points were similar to those of the beauty centers and that we were the only system that was able to treat the pain points even though we lacked other characteristics,” said Kevin.

One of the features that Aoikumo offers its customers / Image credit: Aoikumo

“Since then, we’ve started researching systems for both dentists and general practitioners and we’ve found that our features are 80% industry ready. As a first step, we linked our system with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) of the WHO and introduced the telemedicine function. “

Aoikumo will shortly launch its dental and periodontal chart modules, as well as modules for pharmacies and medication.

One way to help their medical clients is to allow doctors to set virtual appointments through the scheduling menu, with the patient simply clicking on a link via SMS or email to access the video.

“Imagine if you had to consult a doctor via email, but you had to download an app, register, and so on,” Kevin pointed out about the inefficiencies. Aoikumo’s method makes their customers more accessible to customers.

As far as I know, Aoikumo is not the only POS system provider in the medical field. Another name is ClinicPlus.

However, Kevin is not concerned about the competition and says, “We are confident that we are currently the only Malaysian provider to offer a full cloud for Web, Android and iOS that is easy to use, quick to implement, fast and fast excellent support. “In his opinion, this is enough to set Aoikumo apart.

Now, with entry into the medical industry, Kevin is aiming for 300 dental clinic subscriptions with Aoikumo for the first time in 2021.

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Selected image source: Kevin Nair, founder and technical director at Aoikumo




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