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For the fourth time in a row, the CW secured first place among the broadcasting networks for LGBTQ + representation in the context of GLAAD’s annual media report.

However, CEO and Chairman Mark Pedowitz said the network can still do better in terms of diversity – both in terms of internal attitudes and external collaboration.

About 80% of the new season schedule, which includes shows like The Flash and Riverdale, have diverse and / or female showrunners, and nearly 60% of the regulars on the script series are diverse, with 47% women.

Additionally, three of the major development projects including Wonder Girl, Naomi and Slay offer different superhero leads with different and female showrunners.

Pedowitz told . that he was broadly satisfied with the variety on The CW’s screen.

FX will have a majority of diverse and female directors in 2021 as John Landgraf releases the latest diversity data

“There has been a concerted effort for everyone at The CW and our studio partners to create that diversity and inclusion,” he said.

However, he admitted that he is “less happy with ourselves”. This includes in-house recruitment as well as ensuring that the company works with a wide range of different external providers, e.g. B. with black-owned photography companies or various catering companies. This is his “next big step”.

“I want to improve so that we can better reflect on society. We need to do better work internally and externally. I’ll take care of it. We need to create a legacy for The CW so that the next generation we hire reflect society, ”he said.

However, he does not believe that this should be mandatory, but should be done in the “normal course of business”.

“We didn’t make any rules or mandates, we just went out and did it for our shows, and if you do it in the normal course of business, it’s not really difficult. If you let yourself go, you slip into bad habits, ”he added.

Pedowitz is the youngest high profile network manager to admit that the path to equal representation has only just begun.

FX boss John Landraf announced last summer that Disney’s own broadcaster wanted to hire an SVP for diversity and culture, an “ombudsman”. “We have real work to do [on the executive level]. We need decision-makers. I want the FX culture to be an avant-garde organization. I want it to be a microcosm of the country, ”he said at the Edinburgh International TV Festival.




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