11 Greatest Wi-fi Headphones for Working Out (at Each Finances)


Soundcore owns the universe of super cheap racket headphones. The sound quality won’t be excellent, you will notice some problems with distortion, especially with things like snare drums and vocals on the high end of the frequency spectrum. But for $ 30, they sound fuller and clearer than expected. Waterproof headphones aren’t that common at this price point, but the Spirit X are rated IP68, which means they’re very well protected against water and dust. Their adjustable ear loop design ensures that they won’t fall off and offers an impressive battery life of a whopping 18 hours. We’ve never tried working out for 18 hours straight, but rest assured these aren’t headphones that will die on your way to the gym. They’re the perfect headphones to toss on the bottom of your gym bag at the end of a workout and completely forget about until you start your next class.

The best workout headphones for cycling

AfterShokz Aeropex wireless bone conduction headphones

If you are a city biker you know that using headphones while driving can be dangerous. You need a lot of spatial awareness to safely navigate all of the trucks, cars, pedestrians, and other bikers zooming the streets. The easiest way to solve the quiet cycling problem is with a portable bluetooth speaker. However, if you don’t want your entire neighborhood to know that you’re still listening to the 2019 album Carly Rae Jepsen, then you have other options.

The best option that we’ve tried is AfterShokz Aeropex. AfterShokz is a proponent of bone conduction headphones with speaker pads that rest on your temples rather than in or around your ears. You pick up some of the sound through your outer ear, but most of the sound travels through the bones of your jaw to your inner ear in the form of vibrations. The result is a pretty hollow sound, a far cry from the high-fidelity experience of something like the Jabra Elite Active 75ts, but it’s good enough to listen to talk-y podcasts. And more importantly, you can listen to these podcasts and literally hear everything else around you at the same time. Additional advantages? The Aeropex headphones are lightweight, have a decent 8-hour battery life, are fully waterproof, and come with a two-year warranty. If you are looking for headphones for your bike training and commuting, this is your safest and best option.

6 other wireless headphones to workout with that we like

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Jaybird Vista true wireless headphones

Jaybird was late for real wireless gaming – when Jabra announced the Jaybird Vista in 2019, Jabra should release the third version of its own real wireless headphones – but the headphones are decent enough to be worth the wait. The Jaybird Vista has a great sound profile, not as good as the Elite Active 75ts but much better than the AirPods you are likely to compare them to. They can be easily connected to your phone and have a battery life of six hours. The real benefit is in their more rectangular design, which supports the use of a number of different types of earplugs. All of the options offered mean that there is a zero percent chance that these workout earbuds will not fit and stick in your ears. And if there are five hour ultra marathons in your future, that’s all you need to hear.

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Beats Flex wireless headphones

The new cheap workout headphones from Beats, one of our favorite 2020 items, offer slightly better sound quality and a better pairing experience than the Soundcore Spirit X headphones for a little more money. They offer sound quality about as good as the Apple AirPods, which most people are perfectly happy with – a little hollow but not distorted – and feature the new Apple W1 chip that does the same seamless pairing – and connectivity experience like AirPods. The in-ear flex also has a solid 12-hour battery life, a snug fit, and small magnets on the wireless headphones so they stay around your neck when not in use. They’re not designed to be sweat or water resistant, however, which makes them more ideal for casual workouts than the type of runs that keep you soaked.

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Skullcandy Sesh Evo real wireless heapdhones

We’re just beginning to get to a point where the true wireless earbuds that go under $ 100 aren’t frustratingly bad. The Skullcandy Sesh Evo is not nearly as good as other in-ear headphones like the Jabra Elite Active 75ts or Jaybird Vistas, but it offers a good fit, good sweat, water and dust resistance and a total battery life of 24 hours with the charging case (every single charge will give you five hours). The connection quality and pairing process are not as good as other budget headsets like Spirit X and Beats Flex, and the sound quality is similarly harmless. However, if you need a completely cordless experience, this is the only product in the price range worth considering.

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Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds

The Bose SoundSport headphones look similar to the Jaybird Tarah Pro, but have the richer sound profile that you would expect from Bose. Unfortunately, they only have six hours of battery life and clunky earbuds. The latter is the real kicker – not only do these headphones stick out of your ears, which looks weird, but they’re also quite heavy. While you can train in it, it’s not nearly as comfortable as using the Tarah Pro. However, if you want the fidelity of lightly wired headphones with a lot of weather resistance, the SoundSports is for you.

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Sennheiser CX wireless earphones

As with the Bose SoundSport, Sennheiser’s earphones sound great – clear and full, without the dull bass that accompanies other pairs in the same price range. The two control panels on the neckband are a bit clunkier than we’d like, but the option to choose from both earplugs and flippers means that with just a little tinkering you can get a pretty solid fit in your ears. At $ 130, you get great sounding headphones that can withstand most moderate types of exercise. The budget Bose pair sounds a bit better, but we like the Sennheiser pair for their many tips and more comfortable design.

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Apple AirPods real wireless headphones

Apple AirPods are not good training headphones for most people due to their extremely specific fit and lack of water or sweat resistance. But! When you’ve found that Apple headphones really work for you, they do most of the things people expect in workout headphones. They sound good, but more importantly, the pair is light and they stay paired and have enough battery life to last a reasonable workout (5 hours).




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