New Yr’s Resolutions You Can Obtain From House


About 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions drop them in the second week of February, Inc. reported

So, we’ve come up with 6 common New Year’s resolutions and matched them with Malaysia-made products and services that could help you develop these new habits.

In accordance with #StayAtHome recurring orders for MCO 2.0, all of the suggestions below can be completed from your home.

1. Get fit

This is a popular variant that for me is always shortened when Chinese New Year snacks are introduced. Hopefully, if you’re something like me, iconFIT Group Exercise can be a good partner to help you stay fit.

Photo credit: iconFIT

iconFIT runs group training courses to make sport a social activity. However, since group sports and gatherings have been discontinued, you can sign up for the virtual training sessions instead, which cost RM 39 / month. This gives you full access to their classes through Zoom which are extremely beginner friendly.

Editor’s note: The information in the above paragraphs has been edited to reflect greater factual accuracy.

2. Learn a new skill

Whether you believe in online courses or not, there is no denying that sites like String Soul and can be a resourceful platform for modern education.

String Soul is an online mobile piano lessons app that allows children to take one-on-one virtual piano lessons with a professional teacher. The starter pack costs RM120 for four 25-minute lessons.

On the other hand, is an online directory for tutors of interest, whether it’s dance, coding, or even PT3 classes. The fees may vary depending on the listing of the individual tutors.

Photo credit: String Soul and Kitmens

If you’ve been inspired by the craze for home baking over the past year, and you want to do so, this Malaysia-made stand mixer from Kitmens is a sensible buy to combine with YouTube tutorials.

The KM-B5 mixer has an LED display and timer that even beginners can’t go wrong with. Thanks to its design, you can store the accessories on the base of the mixer itself. This means less clutter. It is currently on sale at RM1,095 (original price is RM1,495).

3. Improve mental health

More than ever, we need someone to lend an ear for the sake of our sanity as we are being forced into isolation again.

Psychiatric services from private therapists or counselors can cost between 200 and 500 RM. But good news, you can find a number of Malaysian organizations that offer affordable therapy under RM100.

Note that these fees are available because the sessions are conducted by aspiring counselors who are overseen by professionals rather than the professionals themselves.

Photo credit: SOLS Health

Some of the names that offer counseling services online are Center for Psychological and Counseling Services (RM 30), People Psychological Solutions (RM 60), and Cara Cara (RM 80 per session for a 6 session package).

Naluri is a digital therapy solution founded by former AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman Rani. It can curate a personalized mental health program and track your progress under its app. Subscribing to Naluri costs only RM125 / month for unlimited coaching sessions.

There are also mental health apps like PlusVibes. You can chat anonymously and get advice from professionals to freely express your problems.

Editor’s note: The information in the above paragraphs has been edited to reflect greater factual accuracy.

4. Start a home business

The 2020 MCO had more of us making income through the hobbies we finally had time to explore and improve our skills in.

As a result, the number of self-employed Malaysians is growing.

Photo credit: Ibupreneur and Kravve

Ibupreneur is a platform where unemployed, financially dependent mothers who stay at home can sell their baked goods with support.

Other platforms that help home cooks sell their groceries online include Kravve and Homely, which don’t just sell baked goods.

Of course, these examples can all be found in the F&B industry as they can be done from home without physically seeing the customers.

5. Eat healthier

One of the easiest ways to improve overall health is to eat more vegetables. This solution can be more easily achieved with the vegetables coming to you rather than depending on you to buy them. Local subscription boxes like Plant B and can help you on your trip.

Photo credits: Plant B and enjoyment of life

Plant B was founded by two sisters and supplies vegetable subscriptions from their family’s farm in Cameron Highlands. You have two subscriptions, a 2-week plan (RM74) or a 1-month plan (RM136).

Alternatively, has several different plans to choose from. For example, the 1-month subscription is available in three sizes:

  • Set A for 5-6 types (RM126.00),
  • Set B for 7-8 types (RM198.00),
  • Set C for 9-10 varieties (RM270.00).

You can also opt for a subscription of up to 3 months with a 20% discount.

If you prefer not to cook yourself, you can opt for Savor Of Life, a startup that offers meal subscriptions to plant-based meals starting at RM124 for 5 meals.

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Whichever solution you want to make a habit this year, making it measurable can be useful.

Some steps you could take are to write them down and break them down into smaller daily tasks that are easier to accomplish. That will ultimately add up to the result you are looking for in the end.

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Selected image source: String Soul, iconFIT and Savor Of Life




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