Usher In Festive Cheer This Sankranthi With These 7 Kolam Designs!


Kolam or Rangoli is an ancient art that is central to our traditional celebrations during Indian festivals, be it Diwali, Dusshera or Sankranthi. The colorful designs not only underline the lively aesthetics of your home decor, but also invite happiness.

Kolam Rangoli for Sankranthi:

Check out our picks of the seven best Kolam designs that will make sure your creative skills will all leave the floor!

1. The floral Kolam designs:

Flowers are an essential part of our traditional decor, whether for a puja, a wedding or a festival. But this flower-shaped Kolam design is literally a riot of color! Adorning the threshold with it can improve the glamorous quotient of your home from the start!


The flower is one of the oldest motifs used in Kolam Rangoli designs. And lately it has been given a new life. Thanks to the growing popularity of floral prints, the lily flower, laurel plant and lotus flower are presented. These floral Kolam designs transcend the typical festival colors and include lighter shades. All of these fine details celebrate the various facets of the Kolam tradition, from translucent patterns to giant bows.

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2. Complicated Kolam Designs:

If you are a pro at rangoli making, you will definitely love the following Kolam design. It’s a mix of tons of traditional motifs like mango, flowers and dots that are woven together to brighten up your home and usher in good times!

Rangoli designsSource:

The traditional Kolam motif designs combine slim contours with directed shapes. Putting together some Kolam for Pongal images can give you a good head start on choosing an attractive Kolam design. The possibilities are limitless as you can look through imaginative icons and fantastic designs. The most unusual designs would be a vortex between the central parts of a flower that spread across the floor, with motif details and leaning on geometric shapes.

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3. Mango motif pool design:

If you are looking for a colorful Kolam design that will grab attention, turn to this creative mango motif design. These designs are characterized by their fresh look. If you are experienced in making these mango motifs, you can easily create this design.

Kolam Designs for PongalSource:

4th round Kolam designs:

In Kolam designs, round circular designs are most preferred. To get a perfectly round shape, you can use round stencils. You can mix traditional motifs like lotus, peacock, elephant, etc. to reflect a unique style.

Rangoli poolSource:

5. Peacock Kolam design:

This is a beautiful peacock Kolam art with the colorful picture of a peacock made on a colorful background. The contrast of colors is beautiful with no excessive detail. The design is bright and goes well with any home decoration. The bright contrasting colors are used wonderfully here.

Kolam Rangoli DesignsSource:


6. Pool dot design:

This Kolam design is made using a mix of dot technique, floral patterns, and linear designs. It’s an example of a basic Kolam design with dots.

Kolam designs with dotsSource:

The following Kolam design is unique in that it uses a square as a defining geometric shape and peacock motifs. It looks like a good mix of arithmetic precision and creative imagination at work!

Pool artSource:

Another Kolam design that can double as a safe bet is yours to choose the first time you try your hand at this art form.

Simple kolam with dotsSource:

Small and simple Kolam with dots is one of the most popular options. This symmetrical design is created with a special Kolam using point technique. Few of you may know that it is a technique of drawing a grid while drawing the outline and complex designs that connect the dots like magic.

Pool for pongalSource:

7.Simple Kolam design:

The art of Kolam making allows the imagination to flow freely. You can try simple to complex Kolam designs depending on your skills.

Kolam Rangoli with pointsSource: rangoli

This is one of the easiest of all the designs for Kolam and even beginners can practice this. Once all of the grids are designed you can draw lines or Kolam designs with dots like the one shown in the picture. It is a flower rangoli or flower kolam with a 9 to 5 point pattern, also known as an idukku sweater or sweater kolam.

Kolam with dotsSource:

Hope you enjoyed our collection of Kolam designs that are sure to add joy and warmth to your home this festive season. Let us know which is your favorite Kolam design in the comments section below.




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