Is Olivia Munn Wanting For Love With An Older Man?


Does Olivia Munn renounce younger men? A new report in the upcoming issue of OK! From January 25, 2021. The magazine discusses Olivias love Lives since her split from younger boyfriend Tucker Roberts. Olivia has been linked to a number of younger men and, according to the report, she is ready to find someone older and more mature.

Although May / December romances are all the rage (see Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde), it looks like Olivia is ready to break away from them. Her last relationship was with Tucker Roberts, who is 30 years old. At 40, Olivia is ten years older than him. A source spoke to the publication about Olivia’s frustration with younger friends.

Olivia has seen her girlfriends succeed with younger men, but for her the age difference creates a lot of pointless drama. That tests her patience, which she doesn’t have much of at all.

Although Olivia received the report from OK! Hasn’t confirmed or rejected, she certainly wouldn’t be alone when it comes to disrupting relationships with younger men. While many people find a way to close the age gap, there are many relationships that simply cannot stand the pressures of a generation gap. Many people find that they simply want different things in life or have different interests when there is an age difference.

This does not mean that a partner may not be more or less mature for their age, which is what defines the partnership idea. Sometimes people in romances do well in May / December because they benefit from what the partnership brings. However; that does not seem to be the case Olivia Munn.

Olivia had a three-year relationship with Aaron Rodgers and previously a two-year relationship with fellow actor Joel Kinnamon. Below you may see a report on Olivia Munn’s breakup with Tucker Roberts.

Olivia Munn and boyfriend Tucker Roberts split after more than a year together

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What do you think of Olivia Munn’s new approach to meeting younger men? Have you dated someone younger or older than you in the past? Did you find it a problem or were you able to circumvent the age difference?

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