How To Fall in Love with Wholesome Meals for Weight Loss


In order to lose weight, you should definitely fall in love with healthy eating and practice clean eating. In all of your sincerity, you might want to like healthy foods to shed extra pounds and improve overall health in general, but the myth that all healthy foods would taste boring can prevent you from liking nutrient dense foods. Well, here’s an interesting fact: healthy food is not tasteless, it is that our tongues become dulled when we eat processed foods with artificial flavors, sweeteners, high salt levels, and lots of sugar on a daily basis. This type of artificial food has strong flavors that cloud the palate so much that you will find unprocessed and “normal food” tasteless! All of these fast food and junk food products also contain ingredients that have been processed to trigger excessive dopamine release and trigger centers of pleasure in the brain so that you keep looking for them, an effect similar to drug addiction. As mentioned earlier, eating these types of foods on a regular and daily basis tarnishes your taste buds, and by comparison you will find the subtle flavors of “normal foods” consisting of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc. “tasteless”. “That’s why weight loss diets like the Rati Beauty app help you fall in love with healthy foods. In this post, we’ll explore further how to fall in love with healthy weight loss foods.

1. Give up junk food and processed foods with artificial and strong flavors for 15-30 days: As mentioned above, the strong artificial flavors cloud your taste buds and to reset the palate, give it 15-30 days to let them through Avoid reprogramming all forms of artificial, processed, junk, fast food. Also, say no to added sugar and high sodium foods. We also talk about giving up jams, sauces, energy drinks, carbonated beverages, instant noodles, and other highly processed foods. In a 30 day period, you would begin to enjoy the natural flavors of vegetables and the sweetness and tartness of fruits.

2. Choose a weight loss diet that you will be happy to partake in: If your diet is boring, it is more than likely that you will deviate from the plan in a few days. A weight loss diet should not be based on food deprivation and extreme calorie restriction. Check out Rati Beauty Weight Loss Diets on the Rati Beauty app (both on the Playstore and the App Store) which will help you lose weight by encouraging you to eat the right kind of food in the right amount with it You continue to steadily decrease your pace.

3. Make Gradual Changes: To revise your diet, make small changes that gradually blend into daily habits. First, cut junk food out of your daily diet, cut down on the amount of refined sugar, and fill half your plate with vegetables. All of these tiny changes add up to bring you a healthier version of yourself.

4. Trick your nose: If you hate the smell of cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, radish, and broccoli because they release sulphurous, then here’s a little trick: steam or grill those vegetables to suppress the strong sulphurous odor so you can taste the taste without being able to enjoy the smell plus the benefits.

5. Clean home and kitchen from junk food: As we’ve always maintained, grazing on high-calorie and packaged foods with strong flavors comes in handy. You’re just bored and want to nibble on to pass the time when the pantry and kitchen are full of “ready-to-eat” items. The “out of sight, out of mind” policy would work very well when you stop replenishing junk food in the kitchen. Read about “20 Smart Ways to Train Your Brain to Resist Junk Food.”

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6. Reprogram Your Taste Buds to Like Healthy Food: Here’s an in-depth post on how to reprogram taste buds to absolutely love healthy food.

7. Smart Ways to Eat Healthy Foods to Lose Weight: Healthy eating shouldn’t be restrictive or overly rigid, but sustainable. Eating clean should be viewed as a routine rather than a short-term project. Plus, eating healthy is no longer about boring food, as there are some clever ways to eat healthy food to help you lose weight. Read about it here.

8. Make healthy food appetizing: Visually appealing food can pique your interest and eating on attractive plates can create visual appeal. You would be more interested in eating well-presented food. Use brightly colored vegetables, garnish with spices and herbs, and make an effort to present them well so you’ll want to try the food and take more bites.

All of these factors would add up and you would no longer believe that healthy eating is just “meh”.

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