The Significance of Biden-Harris Inauguration Day Designers


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In the run-up to Inauguration Day 2021, fashion designers have remained relatively calm about the outfits we’ll see on our new President and Vice President. Joe Biden reportedly worked with Ralph Lauren on a suit for his swearing-in ceremony, which was apparently made at Rochester Tailored Clothing in Rochester, NY. Ralph Lauren was in favor of both the new president and Dr. Jill Biden a point of contact at previous events, although the brand did not comment on reach. During the campaign, Jill reached out to sustainable designer Gabriela Hearst as well as Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim from Oscar de la Renta. So chances are she’s making her decision wisely and at least making a subtle statement about what clothes she might want to wear.

Kamala Harris is perhaps the most notable talking point when it comes to this year’s inaugural fashion. After the controversy over her most recent Fashion Cover, for which she dressed in her signature Converse and tailored jacket, has sparked many Twitter users speculation that Harris might wear a traditional Indian saree that has cultural significance for the way she and Biden are for the minorities of the USA. The designer Bibhu Mohapatra weighed and told the matter on his own account CNN“It is now more important than ever that she familiarize (her legacy) and use it as a tool to bring people together.”

Meanwhile, while our country is going through a lot of struggle and shifts in power, many people feel that fashion has no place in conversation, but we see a need and lack of clothing that sends out a positive message – and that extends to belief in better Merch that the Presidential Opening Committee has just launched.

Image source: Biden Inaugural Store

These pieces, which include designs by Gabriela Hearst, Aurora James, Roxanne Assoulin and Prabal Gurung, are designed to unite and heal our nation, as the official theme of the inauguration is America United. While some continue to question the role clothing plays in all of this, our nation’s leaders, politicians, and activists have realized that our outfits are an important example of our values. We feel that the Biden-Harris administration is aware of this and that their looks are ultimately not just something they keep to themselves, but rather very much to the people.




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