17 Examples of Bobs With Bangs That Look So Lovely


Here’s an all-too-familiar scene: you’ve stood in front of a mirror for far too long and asked if it is like that today the Day you finally chop your hair into a bob. We were all there, right? It looks like there’s no better time than now when hairdressers have told us they’ve seen increased demand for shorter, choppier chops this year.

While the popular long bob (“lob”) has dominated in recent years, a bob-and-bangs pairing takes the shape one step further. The fashionable cut moves between edgy and classic and seems to fit so many face shapes. Whether you go for a blunt cut or a more structured style, a full brim or a curved side parting, there are many ways to pull off this cut. Of course, committing to a fringe (flashbacks to cordon off DIY disasters or childhood fringes) can be a daunting prospect for some. However, according to the hairdressers we spoke to, fringes will become even more popular in 2021.

“Wearing masks will continue to be non-negotiable, and many of my regular customers have had fringes cut to compliment them,” said Amber Swift, salon manager and chief technician at Charlie Miller Holy Corner. “In general, it’s easier to maintain in the colder months as heat can often lead to styling problems. Fringes help frame and define the face. So I see the logic in having one complement your mask. I would recommend to opt for a choppy, more. ” Relaxed cut that is easier to replicate should be made a more serious lock again. ”

Alexa Chung George Northwood’s hairdresser predicts choppy bobs to become more popular in 2021. “As we’re currently in this on-and-off cycle, more people are likely to be looking for an easy-care style,” he previously told Who What Wear. “A lot of our clients have requested the effortless, undone bob, one of my signature styles that came from working with Alexa Chung. I think this will continue to be popular through 2021 as it’s a pretty relaxed, messy style thing means that when it grows out it will still look effortlessly chic. “




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