How To Conquer Emotional Consuming with Efficient Tips


When we speak of lower stress levels to burn fat and break the cycle of weight gain, it is due to the fact that stress changes eating habits significantly and most of us tend to crave comfort foods when we are under stress and stand afraid. The emotional dependence on food to get out of stressful situations is a major obstacle when trying to lose weight, as everyday stressors leave you with high calorie, unhealthy and junk food products that would make losing weight extremely difficult. Hence, it is important to improve emotional eating in order not only to lose weight but also to get a healthier version of yourself, both physically and mentally. Most of us keep working on emotional / stressful eating habits, turning to foods that are sweet, salty, or filled with unhealthy fats in anxious and stressful situations. While they help calm the nerves, they are extremely harmful to the body. When we’re having a bad day, biting into a slice of pizza or eating a full tub of blueberry ice cream may feel so good, but within a short span of time you would be feeling the need to have another slice of that pizza and a few more Scoops of this delicious blueberry ice cream. In stress eating, we are caught up in the repeat eating cycle and cannot distinguish between eating in response to hunger and eating in response to an emotional or stressful situation. It increases our blood sugar and we feel fine, but then we experience a sudden drop. This drop makes you even more moody and you will want even more sugary snacks. “In this post, we list some effective ways to defeat emotional eating.

How does emotional eating lead to weight gain?

Stress eating or emotional eating is a situation in which someone eats to feel good, to cope with trauma, to vent anger, to deal with stress rather than to satisfy hunger. The food that we usually eat in such situations is high in calories, mostly sugary delicacies, high fat, basically unhealthy food that leads to rapid weight gain. Foods high in sugar have a direct effect on the brain. When you eat these foods, the brain releases certain “feel good chemicals” like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine that temporarily improve mood and calm nerves. The problem is, this type of food also causes sharp insulin spikes that provide instant energy, but the subsequent drop in blood sugar levels can make you tired and crave more food again. They are increasingly relying on such unhealthy foods to deal with nervous nerves. In short, people resort to emotional eating to help them feel better, relieve stress, and manage traumatic situations.

Below we’ve listed 6 effective tricks to defeat emotional eating:

1. Find alternative distractions: To reduce your obsession with food, focus on an activity that helps you relax, such as sitting down and relaxing. B. painting, reading a book or manicure. Anything that would distract you to undress and relax.

2. Tips for releasing endorphins: Endorphins are chemical messengers released by the body that relieve stress and pain, and improve your mood. While junk food can do this in a snap, we’re looking for other healthy ways to do it, and exercising for 30 minutes or more can easily do it. Here are some other options – meditate, indulge in aromatherapy with lavender and citrus scents, listen to fantastic music, or just take a hot bath!

3. Keep Unhealthy Food and Junk Food Out of Reach: Keeping a snack glass in the pantry or lots of chocolates and ice cream in the refrigerator is the easiest way to get over stress. Later, don’t blame your weak willpower for not staying away from these goodies. Stop buying junk and processed foods and don’t bring high calorie foods home with you. Also, don’t put them in your sight, because “out of reach is definitely crazy”.

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4. Eating on a Schedule: Failure to eat on a schedule can lead to frequent snacking, random eating, and a tendency to indulge in emotional eating. Check out the right nutrition plans to lose weight in the Rati Beauty app that are easy to stick to.

5. Combat Boredom: Make a list of activities that you absolutely love to do, and none of which should be about eating, not even baking. If you are just bored, sort your mail, organize the wardrobe, read a book, call your friends, play games, you can also paint your nails.

6. Seek professional help: When things get out of hand, seek professional help to deal with such a situation.

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