14 Ideas for Sticking to your Weight Loss Weight loss program Whereas Partying


Every other day there is always a reason to celebrate and many more reasons to celebrate, and whether you are partying hard with friends or having a family reunion, food and that too much of it is in the epicenter. The problem, however, is that if you are on a weight loss diet like Rati Beauty and you have noticed a significant drop in the pounds on the scales, it can be a nightmare if you hit the party scene. If you need to go to the party in the coming days and have lost sleep to avoid food cravings and keep away delicious treats like pizza, cheese balls and all those candies, fret, we are here to help you partying hard without going overboard to go. Don’t think about becoming a social pariah just because you’re trying to shed some extra fat – enjoy a gala time with your friends and family without feeling guilty about how all that unhealthy food derails your diet. Since the food at parties is usually high in calories, unhealthy fat, and high in sugar, it is quite difficult to count calories and be reluctant to eat delicious food. And amid distractions and chatter, it is extremely possible to overeat and run into excess calories, resulting in weight gain. In this post, we share some tips on how to stick to your weight loss diet while partying.

14 Tips For Sticking To Your Weight Loss Diet During The Party:

1. Don’t come to the party hungry and starved: Don’t save all the calories until the end of the day because your body won’t work like a bank and if you went to the party all day after fasting you would most likely show gluttony and swallow all available food. It doesn’t help with weight loss either, as most parties run late into the night. Stick to regular meal and snack schedules and have an apple, banana, or other low blood sugar fruit (see list here) before you go to the party. Have an apple with peanut butter or a slice of whole wheat toast with almond butter. A tub of unflavored Greek yogurt will also do.

2. Eat a high protein snack before you go to the party: Eating a high protein snack 15 minutes before the party will keep you full for a long time. Protein fills you up and there is hardly any space for anything on the table. By eating a high protein diet, you increase satiety hormones and keep hunger hormones in check, which in turn means you are less likely to eat extra calories.

3. Look for protein-based dishes: Since protein and fiber will help you stay full for a long time, look for protein-based dishes in the spread. Grilled chicken, tofu, and paneer based dishes are some examples that we can think of right now.

4. Look for healthy options: Fresh fruits, vegetables, and brown rice are some healthy options to fill your plate. Avoid processed and fried foods.

5. Chew slowly: If you eat slowly, you will not be able to overeat. If you eat slowly, you are less likely to fall out of the calorie deficit, and that way, you’ll feel full within 20 minutes.

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6. Take a small plate with you to help yourself: Make it a rule to never overfill the plate with food. Take a small plate, preferably an 8-inch plate or less. Also drink drinks from tall and narrow glasses.

7. Move away from the buffet table: in the party scene, stay away from the food station. It’s easy to lose all willpower when surrounded by delicious food, even at a social gathering.

8. Don’t choose sugary delicacies at the beginning: Sugary things not only taste delicious, they can also provide a quick energy boost, but after the initial boost, the subsequent drop in blood sugar, you will quickly become hungry and the desire for more food increases .

9. Try to pre-load water: drink plenty of water at the party to keep yourself hydrated and feel fuller so that there is little room for unhealthy food. Come and remember, water is zero calorie, healthy, and won’t put your weight on. Read more about preloading water in this post.

10. Make a pact with your friend: If you are partying with friends, make a pact with one of your friends to prevent you from indulging in too much and overeating. You can thank your friend with a surprise gift when he / she succeeds.

11. Start with a plate of salad: if possible, start with a bowl or plate of salad, it’s self-explanatory!

12. Bottled water instead of soft drinks: water does not contain any calories, while soft drinks and carbonated drinks contain many empty calories that can lead to weight gain.

13. Say no to cocktails: As with soft drinks, alcohol is all about empty calories. However, if you do need to have a drink, do it from a tall and narrow glass and limit your alcohol consumption.

14. Chew on a sugar-free gum: Chewing on a minty, sugar-free gum has several benefits – the chewing motion can act on the jaw muscles and help reduce the double chin. It can also keep your appetite in check and prevent you from overeating and keep your breath fresh and minty all the time.

Do you have any other tips that can prevent someone from overeating when they are about to party? If so, please mention in the comments below 🙂

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